Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1070

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1070

“I know about everything that happened to Violet and Shaun…“

Janice closed her eyes and slowly stood up. “Even though Violet’s fall was an accident, her death wasn’t.

“Robert is a highly skilled doctor. When Violet was sent to the hospital, her condition was still treatable, but…

“When Violet died, I thought that Robert had just made a mistake. On top of that, he was a teacher of mine that I admired, so I didn’t expose him at all. However, when my ex-husband Shaun got into an accident, Robert was the doctor in charge of his operation, but he still didn’t manage to save Shaun.

“At that time, I had an inkling of what Robert was doing. He had betrayed his moral values and let Violet and Shaun die just so he could be together with me again. However, I didn’t want to face this truth until…

“Until one day, I discovered that he and Fiona had devised this together, and they even destroyed the evidence of his manslaughter… That was when I finally saw Robert for the person he is, but at that time, I had already married him, so I pretended not to know and decided that I’d bear the brunt of his crimes. At least he hadn’t hurt anyone apart from me. Still, I didn’t expect that he and Fiona would grow more and more outrageous and even deliberately admit a perfectly normal person into a mental asylum.

“While I was locked in here the past few days, all I was thinking of is if I had exposed Robert’s crimes earlier…none of this would have happened.“

Luna bit down on her lip after hearing Janice’s story but did not know what to say.

After a moment, Janice let out an exhale, turned around, and handed Luna a tiny, black device. “I found this on the floor. It looks like a recording device of some sort. Is it yours?“

Luna stared at it for a long time before finally recalling what it was.

This was the device that Neil had tossed to her through the window that day. At that time, she had thought it was a communication device and even tried speaking into it for a long time…

Was it a recording device instead?

Luna had no choice but to take it from Janice.

She did not think Neil had tossed her a recording device on purpose. It was more likely that he had mistaken this for a communication device and given it to her by mistake.

Luna could not believe that Neil was just as careless as he used to be, even though his memory was wiped.

After handing it over to Luna, Janice exhaled and lifted her head to glance at Luna. “I know Robert has been searching up and down for me these past few days. Please ask him to find me here. I ‘ll convince him to admit his crimes and tell the truth about you and Fiona’s illnesses.“

Luna pursed her lips upon hearing this. She thought that this was a good idea as well, but…

She lifted her head to gaze at Janice. “Can you really make him tell the truth about everything?“

Janice nodded her head in earnest. “The thing he cares about the most in this world is me. At that time, my parents had separated us because they thought he was too old for me. After that, I married Shaun, but Robert never took another lover and had been waiting for me all this while…

“Since I’m the reason he committed all those crimes, then I should be the one to end them.“

Luna pursed her lips and glanced at Janice with a meaningful expression, then finally nodded slowly. “ Alright.“

After bidding Janice farewell, Luna came out from the ward. She pressed the button on the side of the device and placed the earbuds into her ears, heading back toward where Joshua was.

The recording of her from the night she talked into the device started playing.

“Mr. Lynch, there has been a misunderstanding! I never ordered anyone to crush Luna’s finger; she broke it herself! “ Outside the door, Mr. Chase was kneeling on the ground, staring at Joshua pleadingly. “Don’t get tricked by Luna. She’s a mentally insane patient, so how can you believe anything she says? Everyone who works here can be my witness! “

Joshua narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. “ Everyone who works here is your employee, so how can I ask them to be your witness?”

A hint of triumph flashed across Mr. Chase’s eyes as he kneeled on the ground. However, in the next second, when he lifted his head to look at Joshua again, it was replaced with an expression of affront. “ Well, you don’t have any proof saying that we were the ones who broke Luna’s finger, either! You can’t punish me without evidence! That’s unfair!”

Luna furrowed her brows when she saw this, but just as she was about to say something, however, a strange noise rang out from the recording device in her ear.

She narrowed her eyes and strode over to where Joshua and Mr. Chase were. “Who says there isn’t evidence?”

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