Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1118

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1118

But… Right from the start till now, Luna did not spare his trench coat an extra glance. He lifted his lips in a self-deprecating smirk and turned to leave, placing the trench coat over his arm instead of putting it on. When he reached the doorway, he paused. “Luna, you can come to me anytime you regret your decision.“ With that, he strode away.

Luna sat on the sofa, watching the man’s retreating back, a cold smile appearing on her lips.

Regret? What would she regret? Regret not marrying him? He had gotten ahead of himself. Why would she fling herself into the same pit of fire twice?


Nellie lay on the windowsill, watched her father’s car driving away into the distance, and sighed deeply. It seemed like Daddy’s effort…had failed. She

wondered whether he would persevere or give up this time.

At this thought, she turned and glanced at her brother who was busy tapping away at his laptop. Once again, the little girl sighed helplessly.

Her brother was telling his online friend about his worries. He did not want to talk to her. She was his little sister, and yet, since they were children, he hardly confided in her about his thoughts and worries. Nigel used to love talking to Neil, he said they were fraternal twins and shared a telepathic bond, so Neil understood how he felt. Now that Neil

was no longer here, Nigel turned to confide in a little hacker he met online.

Nellie sighed. When would he finally open his heart to her?

‘So, your little brother was the one who betrayed all of you and turned into your enemy?’

At that exact moment, in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in Banyan City, Neil read his master’s complaints on the screen of his laptop and could not help but comfort him. ‘Your brother is so foolish and immature, no matter what, you should never betray your family. All of you were devastated when you thought he was dead but in the end, not only was he still alive, he even turned into your enemy…’

His master’s sentiment lit up on his computer screen. ‘Maybe he has no choice? But as his elder brother, I can’t take it, I can’t accept the fact that my own brother turned into someone like that.’

Neil sighed and continued tapping at his keyboard. ‘He crossed the line! Where is his guilty conscience? Wouldn’t his heart ache to see his family suffering? ‘

The moment he typed this message and tapped enter, he felt a slight ache in his chest. The little boy hurriedly clapped a hand over his chest where his heart was, took his phone, and dialed a number.

Not too much later, the room door was kicked open. Theo entered the room with a big bag of medicine in his hands. He hugged him tightly in his arms as he rushed to take out the medicine and stuff them into Nigel’s mouth.

The pills, then water.

After swallowing the medicine, the young boy lay his head on Theo’s chest, his tightly screwed eyebrows finally relaxing. He closed his eyes and leaned weakly on Theo’s chest. “The attacks have been occurring more and more frequently now. What’s wrong…”

Every time his heart was in pain, his head would ache too, turning his mind completely blank.

Theo was silent for some time, then he could not help but sigh. He looked at Neil solemnly. “Recently… have you recalled anything about your past?’

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