Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1313

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1313

Joshua’s deep voice carried a twinge of arrogance. It made Adrian and Michael both shudder. Everything went silent for a moment inside the room.

Adrian was the first to finally regain his composure. He forced out a smile and said, “You’re kidding, right, Joshua? No matter what, Celia is your aunt, my wife, and Michael’s mother… She didn’t do anything harmful, so why did you send her to the police station?“

Joshua crossed his arms around his chest and swept his cold glance over Adrian’s wet clothes. “Where have you been?“

Adrian let out an awkward smile. “I…I…I didn’t go anywhere.“

Joshua did not reply and, instead, just stared at him coldly.

Joshua’s aura was so strong and domineering that it seemed to suffocate the people around him.

Adrian was so nervous that he started shaking. He followed Joshua’s gaze, which was locked on his clothes, and immediately replied, “Just now, I… Just now, I accidentally fell into a man-made lake.“

Joshua curled his lips into a smirk and fixated his penetrating stare on Adrian. “I mean before that. Where were you when Celia held a knife to Neil’s neck and threatened Granny Lynch to give her the antidote to save your useless son?“

Adrian was stunned by Joshua’s words.

”This… ” Adrian furrowed his brows and glanced at Joshua, then turned to look at Michael. ”Michael, what happened?”

Michael lowered his head and did not dare look at either of them. ”It’s…just like what he said. This morning , I heard that Granny Lynch was about to get the antidote today, so I told Mother… I told her I was poisoned too and that it’d be great if I could get the antidote… After all, I’m still young, and Granny Lynch is old, so it can only prolong her life by a few more days. As soon as Mother heard what I said, she told me she’d find a way.”

With that, Michael bit on his lip and lowered his head like a guilty child. ”I thought Mother would succeed because that old hag cares about nothing else apart from the three young ones, but who would’ve thought… She didn’t return with the antidote, and instead, I received news from the nurse that…the police had taken her away.”

As he talked, he started sobbing, ”This was the thing I wanted to tell you: that Joshua had sent Mother to the police station… Father, what now? If something happened to Mother… I don’t want to live anymore !

The room was filled with Michael’s on and off crying.

Joshua stood by the door, and the look in his eyes turned colder than before. He could not believe this weak and useless Michael was Granny Lynch’s grandson and his brother.

Adrian felt annoyed by how ugly Michael looked when he cried and shot him a glare. ”Shut up! You’re a man; why are you crying? Your mother has been arrested, but what she did wasn’t that bad. Do you think she won’t be released?”

As he spoke, he peeked at Joshua out of the corner of his eye. “Also, Joshua is your brother. He’s family! We’re a family under the same roof. Is there anything that can’t be sorted out between us? Your mother will be fine, so stop crying! “

With that, Adrian turned around and looked at Joshua expectantly. “Aren’t I right, Joshua?”

Joshua could not help but smirk at Adrian’s words. The situation was already bad, yet Adrian was still using ‘family’ as an excuse in hopes that Joshua would let Celia go.

Joshua shifted into a more comfortable position and leaned against the door. He glanced at Adrian impassively and said, “The punishment that Celia will receive isn’t my call, and instead, up to the law, but…”

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