Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1341

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1341

Aura, who had been following behind Alfred, froze when she heard this.

She released her clenched fists and stuffed them into her pocket.

Inside the pocket of her black coat was a pair of hedge trimming scissors, which she had wiped clean of bloodstains. She had used this pair of scissors to kill the actual driver just mere hours ago.

Aura had even mentally calculated the distance between her and Joshua and Luna. If they got any nearer, she would be able to lunge forward and stab the shark edge of the scissors into Luna’s belly.

Neither she nor her child would be able to survive this!

She heard Joshua’s footsteps grow nearer and nearer.

Joshua furrowed his brows as he stared at Aura’s figure. He could not help but feel as though she looked familiar.

“Sir.“ Just as he was about to make his way to Aura, however, Alfred let out a small cough and said, “This is one of our regular suppliers here at Lynch Mansion. Your grandmother used to love the flowers from this woman’s nursery, and now that she’s passed…

“I specially requested for this florist to gather all the white flowers she had and deliver it today. She got confused by the new décor inside the mansion today, so she got lost. I ‘m here to show her the way to the

accounting department. She’ll be on her way as soon as she gets her payment.“

Alfred was worried that Joshua would accuse this florist of loitering, so he added, “She’s not loitering here on purpose, so please don’t be too worried about that.“

Joshua frowned and was about to say something when his phone rang.

It was a call from Lucas.

“You managed to locate the clinic where Aura was?“ asked Joshua in a low, curt voice. “Alright. I’ll be there soon.“

With that, he glanced at the florist standing next to Alfred once more. “Well, since Granny Lynch used to love her flowers, then pay her double for the white flowers she delivered today. She won’t have to come here again in the future.“

Alfred froze for a moment, then nodded. “Alright, alright. Thank you, Sir! “

With that, he immediately reached out a hand to grab Aura’s arm. “Come on. Time to get your payment. You’ll be paid double today! “

With that, Aura released her grip on the scissors in her pocket. She followed Alfred to the accounting department, smirking when she heard Joshua and Luna’s retreating footsteps behind her.

As soon as she left Lynch Mansion, Aura used the two thousand dollars which she received payment for to buy some gasoline and headed straight to Blue Bay Villa.

Inside Blue Bay Villa.

Nigel was clutching his laptop, staring intently at the security footage on the screen.

However, even after looking at all the surveillance tapes of the area where Aura’s clinic was located, he could not find a single trace of where Aura had gone after leaving the clinic.

Therefore, there could only be two possibilities: the first was that Aura had left the clinic much earlier than this and that the surveillance camera had been tampered with.

The second was that she was still inside the clinic.

Nigel let out a sigh. He hoped that the second possibility was the correct one. If that was the case… His father would be able to get home early tonight.

After all, Luna was not the only one who had been exhausted recently. Joshua, too, was dog-tired. Not only did he have to mourn the death of his only family, but he still had to take care of other affairs in Lynch Group and Lynch Mansion.

Even though Joshua never complained about this, Nigel still knew that he must have been exhausted.

Meanwhile, on the sofa next to him, Nellie was peeling an orange while watching television. She split the orange into three parts and placed it on a plate.

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