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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1355

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1355

Seeing that Bonnie had volunteered herself, Luna’s first reaction was to grab her.

As Bonnie’s friend, Luna knew better than anyone that Bonnie had no intention of regaining her lost memories at all.

Otherwise, according to Bonnie’s wealth and power, she would definitely have sought out a doctor to help her regain her lost memories. It had been so many years since she lost her memories, yet she did not do so.

Therefore, it was clear she did not want to relive those memories at all because she knew they were not good ones.

All of a sudden, Bonnie was willing to step forward as a volunteer to help Luna and Neil.

Luna grabbed hold of Bonnie’s arm and shook her head. “That’s okay, Bonnie.“

Even though Luna longed for Neil to regain his memories, she did not need her friends to sacrifice for that.

To her surprise, Bonnie shook Luna’s hand off, let out an exhale, and strode toward the specialists. “My situation is very similar to Neil’s. Six years ago, my memories were wiped with medication, so I ‘m the perfect test subject for your experiment.“

The specialists exchanged a glance, then immediately rushed forward to grab hold of Bonnie’s hand in delight and started asking about what had happened when she lost her memories.

Even though she was impatient, Bonnie still described the entire process to them. Finally, she glanced at Luna and let out a sigh. “Actually, I’ve always known that the memories I lost weren’t good ones, so I never wanted to regain them at all, but…“

She curled her lips into a small smile. “Ever since Aura mentioned that I gave birth to a child during this time, I’ve been dreaming of a child, so I must find out what happened during that time.“

Truth be told, the reason she had come to the hospital today was to do a test.

According to the results of the test, she had indeed given birth before. As soon as she received the results, Bonnie had started contemplating whether she should regain her memories or not.

At this moment, she had made up her mind.

Therefore, Bonnie ignored Luna and Joshua’s objections and immediately signed a consent form for the experiment.

Just as Theo said, the specialists used electrocution to help clear the nerves that the amnesia medication had blocked.

Luna watched through the glass window as Bonnie laid down on a bed and was connected to numerous electrodes on her head.

She appeared to be in so much pain that Luna could not bear to watch anymore. However, even with her back turned, Luna could still hear the cries and yelps

coming out of Bonnie.

Joshua pulled Luna into his arms but did not say a word.

Theo heard Bonnie’s pained cries and said somewhat guiltily, “If I hadn’t secretly tossed away the medication that Aura gave me, I would’ve been the one lying there, undergoing the experiment in Neil’s place.“

Luna pursed her lips when she heard this. “Please don’t say that, Theo…“

If Theo had lost his memories as well, then he would not have contacted them, and Neil would not have managed to get home so quickly.

Theo lifted his head to stare at Luna. Then, his gaze fell on Joshua’s hand, which was on Luna’s shoulder.

Seeing that Theo was staring at them, Luna froze, then immediately reached out a hand to shove Joshua’s hand away.

Theo caught sight of this series of actions. He let out a weak chuckle and asked, “What are you so nervous about? Do you think that I won’t find out that you guys made up if I didn’t see his hand on your shoulder?“

Luna’s face blushed scarlet. She bit down on her lip and muttered, “I’m sorry, Theo.“

She had promised Theo, after all…

“What are you sorry about?“ Theo shot her a helpless look. “All’s fair in love and war; I’m glad that the two of you managed to make up.

”Although, I ‘ll be leaving in a few days, as soon as Neil has regained his memories.”

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