Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1397

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1397

The biggest five-star hotel in Merchant City, Starhill Hotel, was illuminated and bustling with activity that night.

Luna and Malcolm’s names were plastered on a gigantic banner strung at the most noticeable position.

A photo of the two of them was also placed at the hotel entrance. Every passerby would pause and admire the photo, staring at it in awe.

“What a match made in heaven! But too bad that… Master Quinn’s legs…“ a man who passed by the photo could not help exclaiming when he saw it.

“What do you know about true love?“ chuckled the woman who was holding onto his arm. “Only true love will make Ms. Luna want to marry him at a time like this.“

The man nodded in agreement, and the two of them entered the door.

A woman standing at the entrance and dressed in white curled her lips into a smirk when she heard this. She clutched her studded bag and stood at the entrance elegantly, as though she was waiting for someone.

Soon, a black Masevati pulled up at the hotel entrance.

The driver’s side door was opened, and a man in a black tuxedo got out of the car.

Heather quickly approached him with a smile. “ Hello, Mr. Lynch.“

Joshua lifted his head to glance at her when he heard her voice. “What a coincidence, Ms. Heather.“

“It’s not a coincidence at all; I’ve been waiting for you.“ She glanced at Joshua’s car with a smile as she approached him. “Why did you come alone? Where’s your assistant and driver?“

Joshua strode toward the hotel entrance gracefully a s he replied, “Their strength is limited, and having been in battle with the Landry family for seven days, they couldn’t take it anymore. They’re sleeping back at the hotel.“

With that, he tilted his head to glance at Heather. “I must say, I’m fairly impressed. I didn’t think the Landry family would have been able to survive last night.“

Heather let out an elegant smile and stared at the direction in front of her impassively. “It’s all due to you showing us mercy, Mr. Lynch.“

As she said this, she snaked her arm around Joshua’s and said in a cold voice, “One of us is Malcolm’s ex- fiancée, and the other is Luna’s ex-husband. Why don’t we be each other’s date for tonight?“

Joshua glanced at Heather’s arm, which was wrapped around his, with a slightly repulsed look, and smiled. “Of course.“

Together, the two of them entered the venue.

At the second -floor terrace, Luna and Malcolm were watching as people streamed in through the first -floor entrance.

For some reason, Malcolm insisted on standing here and observing the people who had arrived.

Luna was unfamiliar with all these people from Merchant City, so she glanced around the room somewhat distractedly.

“Joshua is here, “ all of a sudden, Malcolm’s voice rang out in front of her.

Luna froze, then quickly looked in the direction of the door—

Joshua had entered the room, hand -in-hand with a tall, slender woman.

This woman…was none other than Heather Landry, the one who had tripped and stepped on Luna’s head in the restaurant the day before.

Luna bit down on her lip and could not help recalling that this woman was her biological sister. All of a sudden, her entire mind was clouded with complicated emotions.

“I guess Joshua has put in tremendous effort to prove that you’re still important to him,“ Malcolm’s voice rang out again.

Luna froze for a moment, then immediately realized what Malcolm was trying to say.

Joshua had spent the last few days trying to defeat the Landry family, and Heather was the heiress of the Landry family.

Joshua and Heather should have been mortal enemies..but all of a sudden, Joshua had invited her as a date to Luna’s engagement party to prove that he did not prioritize his vengeance as much as her…

Luna knew he was trying to tell her that she was more important than his vengeance, but it was too late.

If Joshua had tried to prove this just a day earlier, everything would have been different.

If he only chose to do this after knowing that she would leave and give up on him, then it was no use at all. On the contrary, it made Luna feel like laughing.

She lowered her head and glanced at the two people below them, her lips curling into a small smirk.

“I’m going out onto the balcony for some fresh air.” With that, she turned and left.

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