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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1410

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1410

Malcolm’s men quickly obtained the relevant security footage, but…

There had been too many guests at the party tonight, and after Malcolm had sent his men to chase after Joshua, the party had come to an end, so the entrance of the hotel was so packed with people that they could not tell where Luna had escaped.

Malcolm slammed his fist on the table in fury.

After a long time, he lifted his head to glance at his assistant. “What happened with the Landry family? “

His engagement party had failed, but Heather must have succeeded with her plan, right?

After all, Joshua was out trying to evade his men, so he must not have been able to monitor the Landry family’s stocks.

The assistant nodded and replied, “The Landry family’s stock prices have returned to their normal level and are now operating as usual.“

Malcolm finally let out a sigh of relief when he heard this. As he was about to relax, however, he received a call from Heather. “Malcolm, I failed.“

Malcolm frowned. “Didn’t the Landry family’s stocks“That wasn’t me,“ said Heather as she sat in her room in despair. “It was…Jim.

“He detained all my men that I sent to follow Joshua

and battled the Lynch family himself. Finally…our stock prices managed to return to normal, but all the credit goes to him.“

As she said this, Heather glanced out the window, where Hans and the rest of her men were tied up in the rain. “Not only that…but I might be punished for this.“

Malcolm hung up the phone in disappointment. They had failed.

All their plans had failed.

He and Heather had spent ages deceiving this near- perfect plan…but it had failed.

He did not manage to marry Luna and win back the respect of his family, while Heather did not manage to win Charles’ trust and become the heiress of the Landry family!

As soon as he thought of this, Malcolm lifted his head to stare at the red dot that was still circling Ring Road.

It was all Joshua’s fault!

If he had not tricked Luna into staying with him and refusing to return to Merchant City to marry him, Malcolm would not have had to resort to this.

Not only did Joshua manage to stop Luna from getting engaged with him, but he even handed Heather’s opportunity to prove herself over to Jim, all in one night!

Malcolm picked up his phone and barked an order to one of the guards who were chasing after Joshua, “Shoot him! I want to see him dead!”

“Yes, sir!”

After hanging up the phone, the guards continued to chase after Joshua.

Bullets zipped through the pouring rain.

Joshua tried desperately to evade capture while at the same time dodging the bullets that came his way.

In the end, all the strength in his body had been depleted, and the bullets were too fast for him.

He did not manage to dodge them all; one of the bullets splits through his right shoulder, and another hit his left leg.

His right shoulder and left leg grew more and more uncontrollable.

Joshua knew that Malcolm was showing him no mercy, and could not help curling his lips into a smirk.

The more frustrated Malcolm meant that he did not manage to find Luna.

Joshua let out an exhale and used the final ounce of strength in his body to turn his car out of Ring Road.

However, the cars were still hot on his heels.

Without anywhere to hide in the rain, Joshua let out an exhale and caught sight of a garbage dump in the distance.

He turned his steering wheel in the direction of the garbage dump—


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