Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1411

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1411

The black Masevati crashed into the garbage dump with a loud slam.

The cars that had been chasing after it zipped closely behind in the rain, the men inside watching as the Masevati tumbled a few times into a gigantic pile of rubbish.

As soon as the men drove into the entrance of the garbage dump, a few black cars appeared, blocking their way.

The man who came out of the car at the front was none other than Todd, one of the most notorious gangsters in Merchant City.

He pushed the car door open and sneered at the men who were about to chase after Joshua’s car. “I’m taking the man and his car. Tell Malcolm Quinn that if he wants his hands on that man, he’ll have to talk to me.“

Malcolm’s men exchanged nervous glances. They knew they could not afford to get on Todd’s bad side, so they did not dare object.

Instead, they turned around and left.

After watching the cars disappear from view, Todd let out a sigh of relief and ordered his men to pull Joshua out of his car as he picked up his phone. “ Master Landry, I’ve helped you rescue the man you want. Where should I send him next?“

On the other end of the line, Jim was standing next to the second -floor window of Landry Mansion. He gazed out at the pouring rain and let out a small sigh. “I have a small chalet called Swan Lake in the southern part of the city. Send him there, and get two of the best doctors to look after him.“

With that, he furrowed his brows and added, “I’ll give you the money I promised you. Don’t let anyone else find out about his hiding spot.“

Todd chuckled when he heard this. “Don’t worry, Master Landry; I’m very efficient! “

With that, he hung up the phone and, along with some of his subordinates, dragged an unconscious Joshua out of his Masevati and into their car.

“Boss!“ One of his subordinates picked up a soiled jade ring from beneath the car’s wheel and said, “I found this ring underneath his car. I’m not sure if it fell out of his car or if it belonged in the garbage dump itself.“

Todd glanced at the chipped jade ring and frowned. “

This ring…“

If he remembered correctly, Master Landry had one that looked almost the same.

He took the ring, glanced at it, and then shoved it into Joshua’s pocket. “It must belong to this man.“

This man had a ring that was identical to the one Master Landry always wore; no wonder he was willing to pay such a high price for them to rescue this man.

Meanwhile, at the Landry Mansion, Jim descended the stairs elegantly after getting off the phone with Todd.

Charles was sitting on the living room sofa, looking furious. Meanwhile, his wife, Rosalyn Lawson, was pouring him a cup of tea. “Charles, don’t be so upset. Didn’t our stock prices manage to return to normal already?“

Charles let out a scoff and was about to say something further when he caught sight of Jim coming down the stairs.

As soon as he saw Jim, the anger in his eyes grew even more pronounced. “How dare you even return here?“

Jim let out a small smile and gracefully sat down across from his father. “Why can’t I return here? I’m a Landry, after all. Besides…“

He accepted a cup of tea from Rosalyn and took a small sip. “Didn’t we manage to solve the Landry family’s crisis?“

As soon as he heard this, Charles grew even more enraged. “Thank God Heather was here! “

Charles still had no idea that Jim was the one who had saved the Landry family from the verge of bankruptcy. All he knew was that Heather had promised him that she would save the Landry family that night.

Therefore, as soon as he heard the news of the Landry Group’s stock prices returning to normal and that they would not have to declare bankruptcy anymore, he naturally thought that Heather had been the one behind this.

Because of this, he grew even more furious when he saw Jim returning after Heather had managed to accomplish everything on her own. “If it weren’t for her, we would’ve gone bankrupt tonight! “

“Is that so?” Jim curled his lips into a smirk and glanced at the servant standing next to him. “Well, since Heather has accomplished such a great feat, why don’t we invite her out for a reward?”

With that, he set his cup down on the coffee table and fiddled with it. “Though, I remember that Heather had never been familiar with stocks, so how did she manage to achieve what she did tonight?”

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