Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1417

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1417

Joshua, along with June and Harvey’s help, shaved and showered and managed to change into a clean set of clothes.

There were no clothes that fit him in the chalet because even though Jim was just as tall, he was much leaner than Joshua.

On the other hand, Dr. Christopher’s clothes fit Joshua perfectly.

Joshua stood in front of the mirror and stared at his reflection, dressed in a simple shirt and slacks. He let out a sigh of relief.

When he and Luna had just gotten married, she used to complain that he owned nothing but black suits in his closet.

At that time, Joshua thought that black suits looked classy and elegant, so he never took what she said to heart and instead continued wearing his usual outfit of black suits.

At this very moment…

He stared at his reflection in the mirror and could not help thinking that his change had come too late.

Luna liked how gentle and simple Malcolm looked. He, too, could achieve this if he wanted.

He could change into any style that she pleased, as long as it made her happy.

“Mr. Lynch, I want to explain the process of going out once over, “ said Dr. Christopher with a deep sigh as soon as they stepped out of the door. “The reason you’re wearing my clothes isn’t just because Master Landry’s clothes don’t fit you, but…

“You’re one of the most wanted people out there, and wearing my clothes can help you blend in.

“When you go out later, please leave the house according to the instructions we gave you.“

Joshua nodded and, after thanking Dr. Christopher, got into the car.

Dr. Christopher was right.

While he got ready, Joshua managed to find out about what had happened in the outside world as well.

Because of the humiliation he suffered during the engagement party, Malcolm had officially resigned as the master of the Quinn family. At present, his cousin Hunter was the one who had taken the wheel.

As for Heather, not only did she fail to contribute to the Landry family during their most challenging time, but she even almost destroyed them. Because of this, she was stripped of the right to participate in any of Landry Group’s works.

Therefore, the two of them teamed up and bought out all the assassinators in Merchant City to kill Joshua.

Everyone was under orders to kill.

On the other hand, Malcolm’s men were still out searching for Luna, hoping that they would be able to bring her back for the engagement so that

Malcolm could regain his dignity.


To see Luna, not only did Joshua have to travel through the entire city from the northern part, where Swan Lake was located, to the southern part of the city, where Bonnie’s Tea Cottage was located, but he had to evade capture and killing.

To say that this journey was a perilous one would not be an understatement.

Two black cars departed from Swan Lake Chalet, heading in opposite directions.

“Mr. Lynch, you probably can’t tell because Mr. Landry is always silent and doesn’t like to talk, but in reality, he really likes you! “ Harvey piped up from the backseat as he continued sucking on a lollipop. “ According to what he’s usually like, he’d never take such a big risk, but now not only is he willing to do this for you…but this is one of the biggest risks he has ever taken in his life! “

Joshua sat in the passenger seat and stared at the direction in front of him. “I know.“

Even though Jim had never said anything and even liked to taunt Joshua for risking his life for Luna…he knew that Jim’s support for him was more than enough to show how he felt.

Joshua had never been close to his family and, apart from Granny Lynch, he never thought he had any other family.

Therefore, Jim’s appearance, as well as the things he did for him…warmed Joshua’s heart and, at the same time, made him feel a little unsure of what to do. After all, this was Charles Landry’s son.

The car soon made its way past the city center and, after circling the freeway a few times, finally arrived at Tea Cottage, where Bonnie lived.

Inside Tea Cottage, Luna was sitting at the second – floor window, staring at the man who was getting out of the car.

Sorrow crept through her heart.

She sniffed and pulled the curtains to hide her face as she slid her other hand over her flat belly.

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