Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1474

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1474

“Since good things come in pairs, why don’t you announce your engagement to him at the ceremony itself?“

Charles’ palms were warm and rough.

Luna furrowed her brows and lowered her head to glance at Charles with an expressionless look. “Are you so desperate to marry me off to another man as soon as I return?“

Charles froze for a moment, then quickly shook his head. “No, no, it’s just an engagement! You can postpone the wedding for as long as you like! “

Luna curled her lips into a smile and replied, “Well, since we’re not going to get married anytime soon anyway, we don’t need to get engaged so soon.“

With that, she let out an exhale, stood up, and went out the door.

To her surprise, the first thing she saw when she opened the door was Malcolm, sitting in his wheelchair. He fixated his warm gaze on Luna’s face and said, “You’re still waiting on Joshua, aren’t you?“

There was a hint of bitterness and desperation on Malcolm’s face as he said, “When you told me you wanted to postpone the engagement, I thought a month would be long enough, but…“

He lowered his head to glance at his legs. “You don’t want to marry me because I’m a cripple, right?“

Luna clenched her fists by her side and bit her lip, staring at Malcolm coldly. “I’ve never had that in my mind at all. All I’m thinking is that I need to consider this marriage properly before I commit to you.“

“What is there to consider?“ Charles chased after Luna and frowned when he heard this. “Luna, Malcolm has saved your life in the past, and he treats you well. If you don’t mind that he’s paralyzed… what are you unhappy about?“

Luna closed her eyes and let out an exhale.

A split second later, she opened her eyes and gazed at Malcolm’s face. “Malcolm, I think you know the reason I’m hesitating.

“I always thought you were gentle and honest to me and have never hidden the truth from me at all, but A glimmer of malice flashed through Luna’s eyes. “Do you want me to tell everyone that you lured me to Lucky Den with a counterfeit product to see me?“

Even though Malcolm had always treated her well, ever since what happened at Lucky Den, Luna realized something.

Malcolm was not as good a person as she had thought.

If he genuinely loved her as much as he claimed, he would not have tricked her into meeting him in person, putting her at risk of being discovered by Heather’s men.

He did not care about her as much as she thought.

On the other hand, Luna had just gotten out of a relationship with a man who did not think of her as a priority, so she refused to let herself fall into the same trap.

Charles furrowed his brows when he heard this. “ Malcolm, what is going on?“

Malcolm let out a sigh and replied impassively, “In the past…I made some mistakes because I was overcome by missing her and wanted to see her too desperately.“

With that, Malcolm shook his head and turned his wheelchair around. “Well, since Luna is so unwilling, then I won’t force her either.

“She waited for Joshua so long and was willing to forgive so many of his mistakes, but can’t even tolerate one instance of selfishness from me.

“Maybe I’m not good enough for her after all…“

Malcolm had deliberately emphasized Luna’s lenience toward Joshua.

Charles narrowed his eyes when he heard this.

He knew that his daughter was faithful toward Joshua, and if he did not agree to the planned marriage to Malcolm while she had softened and agreed to return to the Landry family…

Would she regret her decision and return to Joshua’s side in the end?

As soon as he thought of this, Charles scoffed and said, “Why are we delaying the engagement because of such a menial issue?

”Well, I’ll be the decision- maker tonight, and I’ve decided to announce your engagement tonight ! ”Good things come in twos for the Landry family! “

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