Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1481

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1481

Christopher’s entire body stiffened when he heard this.

He furrowed his brows, quickly took out his phone and dialed the number that he had saved in his phone as Jude’s.

The phone of the man standing before him started to ring…

Christopher froze in shock. “You’re Jude Smith?“

However, the man that he had met at the airport, the one who had claimed to be Jude, was not this man at all!

Having grown up in a family of prestigious doctors, Christopher had been able to differentiate even the most minute differences between various herbs

since young. Therefore, it was impossible that he would misremember.

The man standing before him was not the one he had met at the airport at all!

What was going on?

Seeing the surprised expression on Christopher’s face, Jude let out a sigh and closed his eyes. “We’ve been tricked.“

The ‘Christopher’ he had met with was not the real Christopher at all.

The ‘Jude’ that Christopher had met was not the real Jude, either.

Because of this, Jude had given the backpack that contained the Clinging Root to a fake Christopher, and the real Christopher had received fake herbs from a fake Jude.

Everything made sense.

“It seems like the man who impersonated Christopher is someone from the Quinn family.“ Suddenly, a frail man’s voice rang out from the door.

Christopher and Jude turned around at the same time.

Joshua, dressed in a pair of gray pajamas, was leaning against the doorframe behind them, his face as pale as the wall next to him. “When I was on the plane…I guessed that something like this had happened as soon as I heard it, but…“

Joshua gripped the doorframe tightly and said in a weak voice, “I never thought Malcolm would resort to such lowly tactics like this.“

Christopher bit his lip and quickly helped Joshua up. “I ‘ll go to the Landry family and tell them the truth now! “

Everyone had been under the impression that Joshua had humiliated both him and the Landry family all this while, thinking that Malcolm was their savior!

Therefore, Christopher had to reveal the truth and win back justice for Joshua!

With that, he turned and was about to leave when Joshua stopped him. “I think it’s best not to say anything before we have concrete evidence.“

Joshua clutched his chest and let out a few violent coughs, then said in a weak voice, ”They must’ve destroyed all the security footage at the airport, but we can still find other evidence.

”If you can’t provide evidence to prove that Malcolm tricked both you and Jude…the Landry family will never believe you based on your claims.”

Upon hearing this, Christopher and Jude exchanged a look and gave up on their plan to travel to the Landry Mansion to tell them the truth.

”I’m sorry, ” Christopher said, sighing, as he pressed Joshua down onto his bed and removed the needle from his body. ”I shouldn’t have doubted you. When I received the dried grass at the airport…I was so angry that I — ”

Joshua closed his eyes and leaned against the bed frame. ”Did Jim move out of the house?”

”Yes.” Christopher nodded. ”He was afraid that Heather would bully Luna, so he and Harvey moved back to Landry Mansion to keep an eye on things.

”He had bought this chalet just for June and me to live in, so we’re still going to be living here. Don’t worry about that.”

”Alright. ” Joshua closed his eyes and said in a barely audible voice, ”You should switch out the guards and servants working here.

”I have a friend named Luke Jones who has gained some power here in Merchant City. Tell Lucas how many people you want, and he’ll contact Luke to appoint some reliable men to work for you.”
Christopher froze for a moment, then suddenly understood what Joshua was talking about.

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