Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 895

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 895

Hearing Joey’s excited voice, Luna helplessly rubbed the middle of her brows.

“I’ve said many times that I’m not your master. You can’t simply call someone that.“

Joey could not help but laugh heartily at Luna’s reaction. As always, she rejected and corrected him.

“To me, you are my master. You inspired me to design. You brought me into the world of jewelry design. You were my guide. You’re my master.

“Also, all these years, I’ve been paying attention to your work. I could immediately recognize your work and style.

“You should just acknowledge me as your protege. That way, when I realize someone plagiarized your work, I could still help you! “

Luna did not know whether to laugh or cry at Joey’s nonsensical justification.

Luna helplessly rubbed the middle of her brows. “If you truly think that way, then so be it.“

“Are you for real?! “ Joey, on the other end of the line, yelled excitedly. “You truly let me be Moon’s protege?“

Luna shrugged. “Anyway, If I don’t agree to it, you’d still call yourself my pupil and lie to others, won’t you?“

Joey snickered embarrassedly. He invited Luna to a meal after the competition once again before hanging up.

Once the call ended, the taxi had already reached Blue Bay Villa.

When Luna returned home, her two kids were already standing by the entrance, looking at her in concern.

Nigel was still dejected. He was probably still struggling with the fact he could not crack his own virus.

Nellie’s expression was even more miserable. “Mommy, I heard that you…“

Luna smiled. “How fast does news travel? Even my little princess has heard about it.“

Nellie pursed her lips. “Nigel is a hacker. He hacked into the Lynch Group’s chat, so he saw it…“

Luna was slightly stunned. In the end, she helplessly sighed. “I seriously can’t hide anything from you two.“

She bent down and hugged Nellie in her arms.

“I ‘m fine. I’ve been working hard for so long, and I finally have reason to rest. I’m more than happy about it. The competition is in two days. After the competition, I’ll take you all around the city to have fun. Then, we’ll return abroad to look for your godfather. What do you say?“

Nellie bit her lip.

In the past, when she heard Luna say such a thing, she would have refused and been unhappy about it.

She was different from her brothers. She never liked Uncle Malcolm from the beginning. She felt that Luna should be with their biological father instead.

However, at that moment…

Nellie could not forgive the things her father did. Thus, Nellie took a deep breath and responded, “ Mmh! It’s a good thing you get to rest, Mommy ! “

“Why don’t I cook something nice for all of you tonight?“

Luna gently pinched her daughter’s tiny nose, then slowly placed her and Nigel on the sofa before entering the kitchen.

All this while, she had been busy working. She had not cooked for her children in a long time.

Nigel and Nellie were lying on the couch. They looked at Luna being busy in the kitchen and sighed a little.

“Nigel, do you think Mommy is pretending to be happy?“

“Of course.“

“What can we do to make her truly happy?“

“The adult mind is much more complex than coding. We’re still children, so all we need to do is be obedient and listen to them.“

“Mmh! “

Luna finished making dinner. After dinner, she tucked them in bed.

It was already ten at night when she came out of the children’s bedroom.

She returned to her room. The floor of her room was covered with sketches that she worked on when she was home all this while.

The once spacious bedroom had even become her second studio.

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