Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 926

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 926

Christian helplessly smacked his forehead when he heard Luna’s reply. He took a deep breath and looked at Luna seriously.

“You definitely have a misunderstanding about me. There are things I can explain! “

Luna narrowed her eyes. She subconsciously moved further away from him an inch.

“You don’t have to explain to me. We were not close at all.“

Christian raised his eyebrows. “Not close? Luna, why are we not close?“

Seeing her getting further away from him, Joshua panicked. He immediately reached out his hand and grabbed Luna’s shoulders, turning her around so that she was forced to face him.

“I can explain. It’s not what you think! Don’t be angry. Give me a chance to explain.“

When he said the last sentence, the elevator had reached the ground floor. The doors slowly opened.

However, Christian still ignored the people outside of the elevator. He finished what he wanted to say.

“Let’s find a quiet place. Shall we head to your house, please?“

When he finished saying that, the surrounding atmosphere turned cold and depressing.

Feeling the changes in the atmosphere, Luna subconsciously turned to look. She immediately noticed Joshua’s ice-cold eyes.

At that moment, Joshua was right in front of the elevator, looking at Christian and Luna coldly, also Christian’s hands-on Luna’s shoulder.

If he did not mishear them, what Christian said was to look for a quiet place and he wanted to go to her house.

It was already eight in the evening. The skies were already dark.

Christian was holding onto Luna in such an affectionate way saying he wants to head to a quiet place together with Luna, best if it was her house…

All this made Joshua’s expressions darken.

Noticing Luna’s gaze, Christian furrowed his brows and looked at the entrance of the elevator in annoyance.

When he met with Joshua’s gaze, all it took was one gaze to make Christian freeze.

He was stunned and instinctively took his hands off Luna’s shoulders.

However, when he let go, he felt that he should not have let go.

Thus, Christian smiled. He immediately turned around and put his arm around Luna’s shoulders, pretending to be intimate with Luna. He lifted his gaze and smiled at Joshua.

“Uncle, you’re back. Fiona’s waiting for you upstairs.


Before Christian could finish his sentence, Joshua immediately stepped forward into the elevator.

Just in the nick of time, the moment Joshua entered the elevator, he directly pulled Christian’s arm away from Luna’s shoulder and shoved him out of the elevator with force.

Christian was instantly flung out of the elevator. He stumbled back a few steps. In the end, Lucas caught hold of him, so he did not fall over.

“Joshua, you…“

Before he could finish saying what he wanted to say, the elevator door closed with a ding.

The numbers of the elevator kept going up crazily until it finally stopped at the top floor.

Christian bit his lips. He immediately pressed the button to call for the other elevator. He wanted to chase after them but Lucas caught hold of him.

“Young Master Moore. Do not forget that you’re in Banyan City. This is Mr. Lynch’s territory.

“You touched his woman in his territory. If you were not his relative on his mother’s side, think for yourself, what would be your consequences?

“I’ll advise you to go back home. Do not cause any more trouble. If not, Mr. Lynch has the power to make sure you don’t get to come to Banyan City again in the future to see Luna! “

Christian was utterly stunned at what Lucas said. After a while, he laughed bitterly and gave up.

Lucas was right. Joshua had too much power. Christian was no match for him.

On the top floor.

Joshua dragged Luna all the way to the rooftop.


He shut the door to the rooftop and immediately pinned Luna on the iron door.

“Since when have you progressed so quickly with Christian, hmm?”

He pinned her against the door. His eyes were filled with rage and a manic desire to dominate her.

“It’s so late already. Why are you bringing him home? Have you forgotten you have Nellie and Nigel at Blue Bay Villa?

“You actually dare use the villa that I loaned to you and be intimate with Joshua in front of your children?”

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