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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 986

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 986

Luna took a deep breath. “Fiona Blake. Is she under Aura’s orders?“

“Yes, and no.“ Theo furrowed his brows. “Fiona is rather special. She was first picked by Joshua, and only then was she used by Aura.“

Then, he looked at Luna deeply. “The suggestion I can give you now is to get Fiona to leave Joshua. Aura returned to Banyan City this time. Everything she did on the surface was through Fiona. As long as you get rid of Fiona, Aura would be forced to use her other two aces, which are Neil and me.“

Then, Theo turned and left.

He only walked for a few steps when he suddenly thought of something. He went in close to Luna’s ears and instructed her before turning and leaving.

Luna stood in the same spot, looking at him leave, for a long time.

It was only when a scream came from the crowd behind her did she come to her senses.


Luna immediately collected her thoughts and rushed into the crowd, only making it through with much effort.

The scene in front of her baffled her.

On the beach, John was kneeling on the ground, and there was blood all over. Blood was gushing from his arm. The weapon fell to the side. It was a knife used to slice meat from the barbecue.

Anne was crying while tearing her skirt off, using it as a bandage to dress John’s wound.

“Call an ambulance! Quick! “

At that moment, the weak Fiona was sitting in the distance wretchedly. Her white dress was dyed red with blood.

She was on the floor, sobbing. “Why did you stop me? Let me die! Just let me die! “

John bore through the excruciating pain and looked at her coldly. “If I knew you were to kill yourself, I would never have stopped you.“

After Fiona and Anne argued for a while, Fiona quickly rushed over to the barbecue stand and grabbed a knife. John thought that Fiona was about to hurt Anne, so he quickly snatched the knife away from her.

He never thought that Fiona was trying to kill herself!

Luna instantly understood what had happened from the scene and the conversation in front of her.

She immediately rushed to the shops by the side and requested a first aid kit from the shop owner. She burrowed herself through the crowds and passed the first aid kit to Anne.

“Use this! “

Anne accepted the first aid kit and dressed John’s wound. Tears could not help but fall from her face.

“The knife was used to slice raw meat. If you get infected…“

Then, she turned to glare at Fiona. “I’ll never forgive you! “

Anne never would have expected this. She was just simply bickering with Fiona, as women do. They went back and forth without a clear winner, yet Fiona would actually take a knife like that.

At that moment, she said she picked the knife because she wanted to kill herself. However, the moment she picked the knife up, only she knew whether she wanted to kill someone else or kill herself!

“Don’t look at me like that…“

Fiona cried terribly. “How would I know he’d rush forward? I only wanted to kill myself, yet he wanted to stop me. Those that don’t know any better would think that he’s my boyfriend instead of yours! “

“You! “ Anne glared at her. She wanted to flare up when a figure in black parted through the crowd and walked over.

Joshua came over and hugged Fiona, carrying her in his arms.

“What happened?“

Luna furrowed her brows and lifted her head. “Mr. Lynch— “

Before she could say anything, Joshua aloofly interrupted, “I just saw you hugging someone behind the boulder a moment ago, yet you’re here

right now. You’ve made out so quickly?”

Luna turned tense instantly upon Joshua’s words.

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