Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 1178

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 1178

Janet Was the One Who Treated Mason

I came to see Janet make a fool of herself. However, she might think that she’s popular now that I’m here, Tina thought.

Just then, a kindly voice sounded outside.

Old Madam Lowry walked in briskly before rushing to Janet’s bedside.

Unconsciously, everyone made way for her.

Glancing at Black Python, who was behind Old Madam Lowry, Tina stepped back quietly as well.

“Janet, I heard from Black Python that you’ll be discharged today, right?”

Smiling, Janet replied faintly, “Yes. Mason’s packing up. We’ll leave once he’s done.”

As they watched Old Madam Lowry and Janet engage in a conversation, nobody dared to interrupt. Hence, Dylan prepared to leave with Tina and Sharon.

“Mason’s all well again thanks to you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do. But everything’s fine now. You guys should enjoy life after this.” The three stopped in their tracks as soon as they heard Old Madam Lowry say this in a low voice.

The look on Dylan, Tina, and Sharon’s faces changed drastically when they heard this.

What did Old Madam Lowry mean by that? Could it be that Janet’s the one who cured Mason’s illness? Herbert said that Mason’s condition was complicated, so even he had no confidence that he could cure Mason. Don’t tell me that Janet’s medical skills are superior to Professor Fernandaz’s! How could a young girl be better than a professor from Markovia’s Traditional Medical Research Institute? Who would ever believe that? If that’s the case, what’s Janet’s status in the medical field now? Nobody dared to imagine it.

Surprised, Dylan turned to ask Herbert eagerly, “Professor Fernandaz, is my student, Janet, the doctor who healed Mason?”

When Dylan asked this, Tina had already set her eyes on Janet. Confusion and shock filled Tina’s eyes.

However, Herbert didn’t say anything and looked at Janet instead, indicating that she should answer the question herself.

“Janet, was it really you?” Words could not express how thrilled Dylan was.

Janet moved her fingertips slightly and took a deep breath before nodding with a hum.

Instantaneously, Dylan, Tina, and Sharon stiffened and couldn’t move at all, as if their blood had run dry.

At that moment, Dylan and Tina were staring at Janet in shock while Sharon was much calmer as compared to the two.

If Janet did cure Mason, then my guess was right. Janet’s the legendary Doctor Sandra! Though Sharon had already suspected it, she still wanted to hear Janet admit it herself, so she kept quiet and waited for Janet to speak.

Then, Tina opened her mouth and asked discouragingly, “Professor Fernandaz, are you sure?” In truth, what she wanted to say was, Blink if you were threatened, Professor Fernandaz.

It is impossible to say that it was a mistake, she thought. Janet has always wanted to develop her career in the medical field, so she must have taken advantage of Mason’s illness to make a name for herself and gain exposure so that she becomes more popular in the medical field. She must have threatened Professor Fernandaz and James to cooperate with her!

Dylan also thought that this was impossible, but not in a negative way. He only thought that Janet was probably given the chance to take part in Mason’s treatment. He figured Herbert and James gave her credit because they wanted to look after the younger generation.

Thus, Dylan said, “Professor Fernandaz, you must have mistaken what I meant. If my student took part in the treatment process, you can’t just give her all the credit since it was a three-person job.”

Aware of what Dylan was trying to say, Herbert chuckled. “I’m not sure what you meant by ‘taking part”, but it’s true that James and I did Mason’s full-body checkup.”

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