Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 1179

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 1179

Janet’s Identity Revealed

As soon as Dylan heard Herbert’s reply, he let out a sigh of relief. I knew it. Janet couldn’t have cured Mason by herself. I almost thought that she was a medical genius.

Similarly, Tina sighed in relief as a load was taken off her chest. She was both thankful and delighted. Though Janet’s medical skills are a little better than mine, she couldn’t have treated Mason herself. It’s impossible that she’s better than Professor Fernandaz and James.

Just then, Herbert continued, “However, besides the checkups, James and I never took part in the drug research and development.”

Drug research and development? Dylan and Tina trembled.

It’s only been five days since Mason fell ill, but Professor Fernandaz is telling us that she managed to develop a new drug in such a short time? How’s that possible? Regardless of the type of drug, it would usually take at least half a month, a month, or even half a year for research and development. How could she have developed it all by herself within five days? That’s absolutely impossible! It’s impossible even if Professor Fernandaz and James worked together to develop it!

Nobody believed it. Everyone thought that it was impractical even if Janet was a divine doctor. However, that was the truth, so they had no choice but to accept it.

“B-But that can’t be!” Dylan’s throat tightened. After a few seconds, he uttered, “Stop kidding me.”

All of a sudden, a hoarse and gentle voice sounded. “Nothing’s impossible!”

Everyone turned in the direction of where it came from.

It was Old Madam Lowry, who had been sitting there quietly the whole time. Unable to stand it anymore, she stood up and told them, “Janet did my cranial surgery. What else is impossible?”

I’ll do it since Janet doesn’t want to reveal her identity. After all, I’m only telling the truth. Nobody can question my granddaughter-in-law’s potential!

Immediately, Dylan’s face fell and turned pale.

In truth, he had heard of this rumor being spread in the medical field before. Wasn’t Old Madam Lowry’s cranial surgery done by Doctor Sandra?

Gazing at the girl on the bed, he kneeled in front of her with a loud thump.

Tina, who was still in a daze, finally came back to her senses as soon as she saw him kneel.

Then, she took a deep breath before opening her eyes wide open and pointed at Janet with a look of disbelief on her face. “Are you really Doctor Sandra?”

Looking at how stunned Tina was, Janet said nothing and got up. She walked toward Dylan and helped him up with a blank expression. “Please get up, Professor Fontaine.”

His eyes were filled with surprise and utmost respect as he stared blankly at the girl before him.

After some time, he asked, “Why didn’t you tell us about your identity?”

“My fiancée’s still studying. She is just a normal student.” A low and sexy voice sounded. Mason stepped forward and headed toward where Janet was, and then stood between Dylan and Janet, keeping them away from each other.

Dylan gathered himself and nodded. “I see.” Even when he tried to get a hold of himself, he couldn’t hide the adoration in his eyes.

“Since you’ve nodded, I hope that you’ll treat her like any other student.” When Mason said that, he glanced briefly at Tina, who was standing beside them. Although it only happened for a few brief seconds, his gaze sent over heaps of warning.

He wasn’t stupid. As soon as she came in, he could sense the hostile look in her eyes when she looked at Janet. Hence, what he just said was not only meant for Dylan to hear but also served as a warning to her to be more respectful toward Janet.

His cold stare made her shoulders shiver. With her head down, she bit her lip as her eyes reddened.

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