Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 1180

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 1180

An Uproar

Never had Tina ever thought that Janet was Doctor Sandra.

No wonder she warned me not to be too presumptuous, or it would be difficult for me to get around in the medical field.

After realizing that she had offended a prominent figure of the field, Tina was unsure how she could undo it.

Meanwhile, Dylan was smart enough to get what Mason meant and who his words were meant for, so he nodded and uttered, “Sure, sure. I won’t let her get bullied.”

“You’re saying as if someone bullied me.” Janet spoke with a smile.

Without waiting for anyone else to speak, she turned around and raised her eyebrow at Old Madam Lowry before saying, “Let’s go, Grandma.”

“Sure. Let’s go home.” Filled with joy, Old Madam Lowry beamed from ear to ear.

Frowning, Mason rushed over to Janet’s side and held her hand tightly. I don’t care how you try to fling my hand away. I won’t let go.

With her fiancé on one side and the old madam on the other, a sense of content overwhelmed her.

The fact that Janet was Doctor Sandra had no doubt caused another wave of uproar. Students of Woodsbury University and interns who had interned with her were amongst the most excited.

‘I can’t believe I was in the same class as Doctor Sandra!’

‘What the heck? Is she a god? How could she have so many identities?!’

‘Holy sh*t! My classmate’s a big shot in the medical field! I am in awe!’

‘Oh, my god! How exciting!’

While the netizens were engaged in a heated discussion, some people expressed their suspicion.

‘There’s no proof that Janet’s Doctor Sandra!’

‘That’s true. With such insubstantial claims, I don’t quite believe it!’

‘Could it be that she’s trying to gain exposure? After all, she’s a medical student. This could help her make a name for herself in the medical field.’

‘Well, we can’t be sure of that since she has no reason to lie.’

Just as more and more netizens started to have doubts about this matter, Herbert, James, and even people from Markovia’s Traditional Medical Research Institute came forward to speak up.

The official account of Herbert Fernandaz: ‘Come out and say something, Janet. When are you coming back to the Traditional Medical Research Institute of Markovia?’

The official account of James Torrez: ‘Janet, come back after having fun. We have many experiments for you to finish.’

The official account of the Traditional Medical Research Institute of Markovia: ‘Janet, the old dean’s asking when you’re coming back to take over the dean’s position.’


Following their posts, the rumors died down, and people finally realized that Janet being Doctor Sandra was not fake news—she was in fact the legendary Doctor Sandra.

With that, netizens who said that she was trying to get attention started deleting their accounts and posts.

The country bumpkin had once again put them in their place.


In a blink of an eye, ten days had passed. Just as Sandfort City had calmed down, another uproar ensued.

The most powerful person in Asia, Mason, and the leader of Markovia’s top organization, Janet, were set to get married at the Lowry Residence in Sandfort City at the end of April.

This time, besides politicians, prime ministers, directors, officials, and gang criminals, influential people from the hacking, car racing, literature, and painting fields were also invited to the wedding.

That day, the grand scene was unprecedented. It was a hundred times grander than an engagement banquet.

However, the guests were in fact carefully screened through. Otherwise, the venue wouldn’t have been able to fit all of them.

At the wedding, powerful people from all over the world were gathered at the venue. There were so many powerful people attending that even a big airport could hardly accommodate them.

Filled with guests, the wedding venue stretched out as far as the eye could see.

None of the invited guests were absent. Even friends, business partners, and special acquaintances from different countries came in secret.

Though there were many people, everything was done in an orderly fashion. The guests even queued up to present their gifts.

This showed how respectful they were about the wedding.

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