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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 120

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 120

After taking a few more steps, the presence of the person, who was tailing her, became even more obvious. Turning around, Janet was about to raise her foot and kick that person.

The next second, she retracted her foot because she saw who it was.

Squinting, Mason asked with a faint smile, “You’re vigilant.”

He was slightly shocked by Janet’s rapid response.

Indifferently, Janet asked, “Why are you here?”

Mason’s deep voice rang again. “This hotel belongs to the Lowry Family.”

Janet was rendered speechless.

“Why did you tail me?” While walking, Janet asked.

Unexpectedly, Mason caught up with her and trapped her in one corner.

“Did you miss me?” The man’s deep sexy voice echoed in her mind.

Yet, Janet didn’t reply to him and just hit his hand aside. “Let me go. I need to go back!”

“Be obedient!” Mason’s slender finger grazed against her pink lips while asking, “Don’t you have an answer for that? Or you just don’t want to answer it?”

Then, Mason squinted and added in a sweet tone, “Well, I miss you so much.”

Upon hearing that, Janet’s heart skipped a beat.

That seductive demon. He always tried to flirt with her every time they met.

Suddenly, Janet and Mason noticed something from the corner of their eyes.

At once, Janet wanted to turn and leave.

However, Mason cupped her face in his palms, rested his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes. Then, his cold finger touched her lips.

In the eyes of an outsider, their posture looked just like a young couple that was head over heels in love with each other.

At that moment, Emily and Megan’s voices could be heard clearly from the corridor. “Did you see your sister?”

Emily shook her head because she honestly didn’t see Janet when she went to the restroom just now.

While speaking, Megan spotted a couple kissing passionately in the corner. Most importantly, that green dress looked like the one Janet wore…

Two seconds later, Megan negated her previous thought.

Judging from the man’s back, he must be young. Besides, he was wearing the newest men’s clothes from a brand in New York. With Janet’s qualification, she wouldn’t be able to hook up with such a young wealthy man.

“Mommy?” Emily looked at where Megan was looking. “What is it?”

Megan shook her head, trying to shake that thought out of her mind. “It’s nothing. Let’s go, Emily.”

Listening to the receding footstep in the corridor, Janet pushed Mason away without hesitation.

Without her realizing, she clutched her chest with her hand and softly panted for breath.

At the same time, a rare blush appeared on her delicate face while she slightly parted her mouth, making her look extremely adorable.

That detail was completely captured by Mason, causing his eyes to instantly dim. He even had to forcefully suppress the surging heat in his body.

After a short while, he took out a necklace from his pocket and placed it in Janet’s palm.

Confused, Janet looked up at him.

“Didn’t you ask me what you should give to an elderly? Isn’t this a suitable present?”

When he talked to her on the phone yesterday, he faintly sensed that she was dejected. He bet that she didn’t manage to prepare any jade or gems in such a short time.

Therefore, he purposely asked Sean to find out the recent events of the Jackson Family.

It turned out that Old Mrs. Jackson was having a 70th birthday party at Leaping Dragon Hotel after she returned from Barnsford.

No wonder this girl had asked for his suggestion as to gifts.

Upon closer look, Janet realized that the pendant of the necklace looked like the red jade she had sold to Mason.

“I-Isn’t this the red jade that I sold to you?”

Looking at her with his narrow eyes while smiling faintly, he lifted his thin lips and replied in a husky voice, “You’re right.”

“I was planning to send it to the designer in France so I could make a bracelet for you. But since you needed it now, I requested the designer in Sandfort to complete it overnight for you.”

Janet’s heart skipped a beat when she found out that Mason had planned to give her the red jade, which he bought from her, in his name.

“I already figured out what to give to my grandmother so you should keep this.” Janet’s voice was filled with indifference and distance.

However, her body betrayed her, especially her heart that pounded crazily when she heard the man’s words.

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