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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 121

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 121

Mason slowly traced her neck with his slender fingers, opened the lock of the necklace and put it on Janet. His relaxed posture, the glint in his eyes, and his ambiguous actions made it seem like he was flirting with her. Janet clenched her fists and wanted to pull the necklace off. She was only friends with Mason so she didn’t think it was appropriate for her to accept such an expensive gift. Moreover, she never liked to get something from nothing.

Mason sensed what she was trying to do so he leaned over and gently wrapped her delicate hands with his cold, big hands. He looked at her with his usual sharp gaze and grinned as he said, “Don’t take it off. Otherwise, I’ll go out there and announce our relationship.” Then, he added, “It suits you really well.” Hearing this, Janet was furious. He’s using the same trick to threaten me again…

She clenched her fist and punched him hard in the chest, then turned to leave the next second. Mason leaned against the wall and raised an eyebrow. That little girl’s punch was really soft. The way she punched my chest was like a coquettish kitten. He had already started fantasizing Janet acting coquettish in his arms.

I’m sure it’ll make me very happy.

When Janet returned to her table, the party was coming to an end. Just then, Shirley yelled, “Janet, what gift did you prepare for grandma?! Show us!” Emily quickly chimed in and said, “Grandma, Janet prepared a really nice gift. If I’m not mistaken, she made it herself. I’m sure you’re going to like it.”

A look of surprise immediately appeared on Jade’s face. “Really?”

Every year for her birthday, her relatives and guests all gifted her jewelry and she was tired of receiving the same thing over and over again. However, she had never received a hand-made gift before so she looked forward to seeing it!

Seeing this, Emily secretly scoffed and smirked. It’ll be a miracle if grandma doesn’t get mad. Does she really think grandma will like that sort of thing? Megan clenched her fists and pinched Brian’s shoulder before she softly said, “Honey, say something.”

The one thing Brian couldn’t stand the most was when his wife was acting coy so he hurriedly nodded and replied, “Okay. Ms. Cook, bring us Janet’s gift!”

At that moment, Brian didn’t know that Janet gifted Jade an ‘umbrella’. “Oh my, why are you being so slow? Are you afraid that someone might snatch away your gift?” Shirley mockingly said and before Janet had the chance to show her gift, she took the initiative and removed the cover on the plate that Ms. Cook brought over. A cylinder shaped item wrapped with newspaper instantly caught everyone’s attention and everyone present burst into laughter.

“Oh my goodness, this gift box is downright hideous.”

“Is the gift really wrapped in newspapers?”

“It seems that Megan is really cruel to her own daughter. Why didn’t she give Janet some allowance to buy a more decent present?”

“Look at the shape of the gift. Doesn’t it look like a folding umbrella?”

“Oh my! What is Janet’s intention? How could she give an umbrella to her grandma on her 70th birthday?!”

“Won’t Jade be furious?!”

When Shirley saw the cylinder shaped item, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She finally understood why Janet was reluctant to show her gift—it was because her gift was embarrassing! When Brian saw it, he almost fainted from anger. With a look of shock, he asked Megan, “Darling, what’s going on? Is Janet really giving her grandma an umbrella?”

Megan blushed in embarrassment and lowered her head. “How would I know?!” “I…” Brian let out a heavy sigh, feeling disappointed that Janet didn’t live up to his expectations. He spent most of his time working hard, trying hard to manage Jackson Enterprise. Brian didn’t expect that there was such a serious problem in his family. Seeing everyone’s reaction, Emily was secretly overjoyed!

After laughing for a while, Shirley pointed at the gift wrapped in newspaper and asked, “What’s in there?” Janet looked at her blankly and didn’t give her any response. Feeling impatient, Shirley laughed as she tore open the package. When a black handle was revealed, everyone in the hall burst into laughter again. Even Emily, who held back her laughter before, sniggered too.

“Oh my goodness, is she really giving Jade an umbrella as her birthday gift?!”

“It has a black handle. What else can it be, if not an umbrella?”

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