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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 122

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 122

“If she’s really giving an umbrella, she should just put it in a bag. Why did she wrap it with newspaper?”

“Oh my goodness! How poor can the Jackson family be to give Jade an umbrella for her birthday?”

“Hey, do you think that Janet is purposely trying to provoke Jade because she has a grudge against her?”

“I don’t think so. It hasn’t been long since Janet’s return so how is it possible that they already have a grudge against each other?”

Standing at a corner in a distance, two tall men were watching the whole thing. “Young Master Mason, is Miss Janet really giving her grandmother an umbrella as a birthday gift? How poor she must be! You can’t just leave her be. If Miss Janet doesn’t have any money, you should’ve secretly given her some!” Henry said as he laughed frantically.

I feel terrible. Even though the person giving the gift is Mason’s wife, I can’t help but laugh, Henry thought.

Hearing this, Mason glared at Henry with a warning look and said nothing. Then, he frowned slightly. Why did Janet rather give her grandmother an umbrella than accept my gift?

At the same time, Shirley looked at Brian and Megan and laughed as she said, “I’m not deliberately trying to embarrass you two, but do you think that it’s acceptable for your daughter to give an umbrella at an occasion like this?” Shirley’s mocking words had degraded Brian’s dignity as a man and he accused Megan for the first time in his life. “Megs, if there is any difficulty in the family, you should’ve told me. If Janet doesn’t have money, you should’ve given her some! The reason I work hard is to give all of you a better life, but why did you allow Janet to embarrass us at my mother’s birthday party? Are you deliberately trying to embarrass my mother?”

Hearing Brian’s accusations, a bitter expression appeared on Megan’s face and tears welled up in her eyes. “How would I have known that Janet would give an umbrella to Jade at such an important occasion? How could you blame me?”

“Forget it! I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” Brian directly interrupted Megan to stop her from talking. The more they talked about it, the more it hurt his dignity.

Sitting on the main seat and listening to what the people at the party were saying, Jade rubbed the middle of her brows in confusion and said, “Enough. This is the first time I’m meeting Janet! She probably doesn’t know what I like so I understand her choices. This matter ends here. Take the umbrella away.”

Shirley immediately glared at Janet and angrily said, “Look what you did! Grandma is infuriated because of you. I really have no idea what you’re planning…”

“Shirley,” Jade softly said to interrupt her. “I already said that I won’t pursue this matter anymore! Everyone, please enjoy your meal!” With that, everyone lowered their heads and prepared to eat. However, Janet looked up and calmly asked, “Who said that I’m giving grandma an umbrella? Aunt Shirley, why would you say that I’m giving grandma an umbrella before you even tore the wrapping paper apart? What are you trying to do?”

“Haha!” Shirley sneered. I never thought that Janet would have such a sharp tongue. “The handle is black and the shape looks just like an umbrella. What else can it be other than an umbrella?”

The corner of Janet’s lips curled into a slight grin before she calmly replied, “What if I say that it’s a painting? Would you believe me?” The crowd started discussing among themselves as soon as she finished her sentence. “Did Janet just say that she’s giving Jade a painting?” “I think so. It makes sense because the casing of a painting is also black.”

Sitting on the main seat, Jade was momentarily dumbfounded. Then, in a surprised tone, she asked, “Janet, are you saying that you gifted me a painting?”

Jade had never received a painting as a gift before but she admired artistry. Back then, her husband’s favorite painter was Master Nato. However, Master Nato was so mysterious, her husband never personally met Master Nato even until the day he died.

This became a matter that weighed on her mind. Hearing Jade’s question, Janet nodded in reply. Then, she glanced coldly at Shirley and with a blank expression, she said, “You’ll know after you tear off all the packaging.”

“Tsk…” Shirley looked at Janet bitterly before she turned to look at Jade and said, “Grandma Jade, what’s so good about a painting? Who doesn’t know how to paint? Giving an umbrella is even better than giving scribbles on a paper…” As Shirley spoke, she tore the packaging into pieces. Inside there was a rolled up painting with handles on all four corners. Jade let out a sigh of relief the moment she saw it. This granddaughter of mine really did put in some effort.

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