Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 123

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 123

Upon hearing this, Megan and Brian loosened their nervous and sweaty clenched palms, feeling relieved that their daughter didn’t embarrass them. “Oh, turns out that Janet is giving grandma a painting. Let me see what kind of a painting it is.”

With that, Emily stepped forward and laid the painting flat on the table with Shirley, and what they saw was a watercolor painting with bright colors. There was a poem written in black ink on the side and the surface was smooth and flawless.

It was a huge difference from the cheap newspaper packaging it was wrapped in. Seeing this, Shirley and Emily’s eyes immediately widened in shock. The other guests at the party were also dumbfounded and they could tell that the painting was painted by a skillful painter.

No wonder there were rumors around the Jackson family that Emily stole Janet’s painting and pretended that it was hers when she gave it to Old Mr. Collins. However, Old Mr. Collins saw through her lies and canceled the apprenticeship banquet. Presumably, the rumors are very likely to be true.

The crowd started talking again. “So, are the rumors that Emily stole Janet’s painting before true?”

“Those were not rumors, but facts. I was present at the time. It was really embarrassing.”

“Oh my goodness, the fake daughter is not as good as the real one.”

“Why do you care so much about other people’s family affairs?”

Standing in a distance, Henry touched his chin as he jokingly said, “This fool really does know how to save money. I can’t believe she gave her own painting to her grandma!” Then, he added, “Why did she choose to give her a painting instead of accepting your necklace?”

Mason frowned slightly but he wasn’t mad. After all, he knew Janet’s painting skills. No matter what point of view, a painting that Janet personally painted was more meaningful than a necklace. At that moment, Mason realized that he admired her even more. When Jade saw everyone’s reaction, she hurriedly stepped forward to take a look.

She stared at it intently and a bright smile appeared on her face. Then, she praised Janet again and again. “Janet, is this painting really for me?” Jade was surprised to see the painting and had a feeling that she had seen a similar painting style before.

The corners of Janet’s lips curled slightly upward and she nodded and replied, “Yes. Do you like it?”

Jade smiled in reply. How could she not like a painting that her granddaughter painted?

Seeing this, Shirley snorted softly and sneered, “Mom, if you like this kind of thing, we can just buy it for you! Look at this painting… Tsk! I really can’t tell what’s so great about it! Is it because Megan doesn’t really like Janet? She can’t even afford to buy a present for her grandma! I’m pretty sure I can find something like this in the trash can.”

“You! How can you say that? It doesn’t matter what Janet gives Jade as long as it came from her heart! Even if it’s not worth much money, there’s no need for you to say such cruel words!” Megan rebuked angrily.

Janet looked at Shirley and snorted. “Well then, tell me which trash can has a painting like this? I’ll go and get it!” “Hmph! My daughter can easily draw a painting like this. Don’t think that you’re the only one who knows how to paint!” Shirley said to brag about her daughter.

However, Jade wasn’t listening to them at all. At that moment, all of her attention was focused on the painting that Janet gave her. Why does it look so familiar? I feel like I’ve seen this painting before.

“Hush!” Jade suddenly had a flash of memory and asked, “Janet, why does the painting style of this painting look so familiar?” Once Jade finished speaking, the whole hall instantly fell into silence and the people present couldn’t help but carefully examine Janet’s painting.

Under such observation, a boy with glasses among the crowd let out a gasp. Then, he rubbed his eyes and said in shock, “This painting… That can’t be.”

“What’s the matter?” Shirley quickly looked at the boy with glasses and asked. “I think I know whose painting style is similar to this but I’m not sure whether I should say it.”

Shirley glared at the boy with glasses and said, “Stop wasting our time and just tell us.”

Hearing this, the boy explained. “I study art and the style of this painting seems familiar to me too. It looks… like a painting by the famous painter, Master Nato.”

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