Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 83

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 83

Brian was appalled. “Stolen? Was this the reason why the discipleship ceremony today was cancelled?”

“Yes, I saw Emily previously sneaking into Janet’s room, but I didn’t know why she did it at that time. Only now did I know that she actually went in to steal her painting. I’ve never told Janet that Emily has entered her room before.”

“T-This… How could Emily do that? I must go and talk to her!” With that, he was angered and intended to look for Emily to question her.

However, Megan wrapped her arms around his waist. “Honey, please forget about it. If you point it out, our family will fall apart! I can’t bear to see this relationship that we have built for the past 18 years crumble!”

He felt helpless. Knowing that she had always loved Emily, the person who was hurt the most by the incident would be his wife.

“Darling, just let this pass, alright?”

He resignedly stroked her head and fiercely added, “If Emily repeats this, don’t blame me for being harsh on her as her father!”

“Yeah!” Megan agreed and she suddenly thought of something. “Honey, do you think that Janet was really raised in the countryside?”

“Why did you say so?” Brian was puzzled.

“It’s nothing. I just think that Janet isn’t as simple as we thought! She seems to know quite a lot of things.”

He frowned. “Darling, maybe you are being too sensitive or perhaps she is a fast-learner. Don’t think too much about it!”

She nodded. Although she was still doubtful, she brushed those suspicions aside for the moment.

At night, two black shadows leapt into Janet’s room, giving her a fright when she came upstairs and opened the door.

The men, who were sitting on the couch in the room, were stunned when they saw her.

“Boss, I really missed you!” After saying that, the little boys attempted to hug her.

When she tried to shove them away, they were aggrieved. “Boss, give us a hug!”

“Silly boys!” Her red lips parted as she pushed the two boys away.

The two boys were Dexter and Tyler. Another two boys, Luke and Leo, didn’t show up.

Janet had met the four of them in Markovia where she attended an underground auction and the few boys were auctioned off as slaves.

She initially had no intention to buy them. However, after seeing the desire to live in their eyes, she couldn’t bear to ignore them, so she bought them and sent them to an orphanage. When they were 16 years old, she started to make arrangements for them to learn all sorts of skills.

At that time, the higher-ups gave them a period of leave, but to her surprise, they came to look for her as soon as their holiday began.

“Where are Leo and Luke?”

Dexter teared up. “Boss, they wanted to come as well, but they were afraid that too many people here might cause you trouble, so the two of them remained in the hotel.”

Janet raised a brow. “How did the two of you find your way here?”

Tyler meekly answered, “It was Lara who told us.”

“How are your studies recently?” Her lips curled upward.

“Boss, we really studied hard. Otherwise, how are we able to come to your room? But the recent boxing practice is really exhausting!”

“Little brats, you guys must have had a hard time.” Janet affectionately patted Dexter and Tyler’s little heads.

Tears welled up in their eyes when they received her encouragement. “Boss, Leo and Luke really miss you. Let’s go over to meet them.”

She thought that since she had met Dexter and Tyler, she should meet Leo and Luke as well and have a meal on the way.

Dexter drove her to the hotel.

As soon as the door was opened, Leo and Luke pounced on her.

“Boss! We really missed you! Sob…”

The two boys, who had beautiful eyes, red lips and white teeth, seemed to be 17 or 18 years old and were excited to see her.

She patted their heads. “I haven’t seen you two for a long time!”

“Boss, I’m really glad. You are actually here to see us!” Leo, who had the most exquisite features, skipped in exhilaration.

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