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Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 86

Sir, You Don’t Know Your Wife Chapter 86

Janet had no idea what went on; all she felt was that she could barely breathe, so she whimpered while trying to resist him.

Sean and Henry covered their ears almost simultaneously. Oh, my God! Young Master Mason actually coaxed a young lady and kissed her?

The next day, when she opened her eyes, she suddenly noticed that something was wrong with the room layout and the scent around her… This is not my room? Last night, I went to meet the four kids and drank a large can of beer. Then, in a fuddled mind, I said that I wanted to go to the Lowry Residence. Why did I suddenly want to go there?

She knocked on her own head in frustration, wondering if she had done anything foolish!

“Hiss—” All of a sudden, she suddenly remembered something. Today is Sunday, which is the day of Old Madam Lowry’s flight, but the painting is still in the Jackson residence. What should I do now?

After switching on her phone, she gave Dexter a call and instructed, “Go to my room and bring out the landscape painting on the table. Then, anonymously courier it. Don’t let anyone discover your identity!”

Dexter was extremely familiar with that sort of thing as he was trained for this, replying in seriousness, “Boss, I understand.”

Janet then responded before hanging up on the call. Just then, the door of the room was abruptly pushed open.

“Are you awake?”

She vigilantly jumped off the bed without realizing the red patch on her face and quietly answered, “Yeah.”

Mason looked at her and chuckled, “Come and have breakfast after your morning routine.”

She nodded before entering the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, she tried to recall what happened last night but failed to remember anything, no matter how hard she tried. Forget it! I’ll just ask the man after this.

At the dining table, she asked with her head bowed. “Did I do anything in my drunken stupor last night?”

He pursed his lips and smiled. “What do you think?”

Looking at the tentative smile on his face, she had a sense of foreboding.

He put down his fork and spoon; there was a bewitching expression in his narrowed phoenix eyes. “You said that you wanted to become my girlfriend and—”

“Wait, that’s impossible… That’s impossible—” Janet interrupted before the man finished his sentence. I wouldn’t say this sort of thing, no matter how drunk I am, so I’m quite sure that he is making that up.

Sean was rendered speechless as well. I don’t remember Miss Jackson saying something like that!

“Don’t you remember?” Mason chuckled and whispered. “You even said that you want to kiss me!”

Upon hearing that, her face was flushed red all the way to her neck. She put down her fork and spoon and stared as she angrily stated, “T-That’s impossible! You are lying!” It would be impossible for me to voluntarily ask him to kiss me! How could I be so thirsty for a company?

It was the first time that he saw the young lady being agitated. He chuckled and kept quiet with his lips pursed.

She hit her head in regrets, secretly vowing to herself to stay further away from alcohol.

Sean, who was hiding in a corner, shuddered. Wasn’t Young Master Mason the person who asked for a kiss? He is really as cunning as a fox!

When they were eating, a sudden male voice broke the silence. “Mason, you have a delivery.”

Henry waved the rectangular box in his hands at him. “I coincidentally bumped into the delivery man outside the door when I arrived. When did you learn to shop online?”

Upon hearing his words, Mason raised his eyes in puzzlement. However, he shrugged it off after a few seconds and whispered. “It should be Master Nato’s painting, which has arrived!”

When Janet heard the name ‘Master Nato’, she curled her lips upward. Dexter has efficiently carried out the task!

Henry approached them and was finally able to clearly see the people at the dining table, greeting, “Mrs. Lowry, you are here as well!”

“Huh?” Her throat gave out a low voice.

“Sorry for saying it wrongly!” He waved his hands. It seems like she doesn’t like people to address her in this way.

Mason rolled his eyes at him before taking Master Nato’s painting. He then placed it on the table and carefully removed the wrapper.

“You have such slow movements. What treasure is this? Let me help you with it.” Henry’s hands were on the verge of reaching out, but Mason had instantly slapped it away.

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