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The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1445

Chapter 1445

Jackson nodded and said, “If our Grand Sect Leader was right, the Celestial Sect’s leader that challenged us that day was your grandfather, Thomas. Your grandfather is probably the only person in the entire world who has the strength to defeat our Grand Sect Leader.”

James tried to organize his thoughts.

‘Grandpa?’ thought James.

James found that idea highly improbable.

He had come in contact with Celestial Sect’s leader several times.

Although the sect leader wore a mask, he could smell perfume on them, and their arms were also not as toned as a male would be.

Despite their efforts to disguise their voice by making it sound deep and raspy, it was still distinguishable as that of an actual man.

“I highly doubt it.”

James said skeptically, “While I was in Mount Olympus, the leader of the Celestial Sect and my grandfather appeared almost around the same time. My grandfather appeared right as Celestial Sect’s leader left. That doesn’t make sense unless my grandfather resorts to cloning himself, don’t you think so?”

Jackson shook his head in uncertainty and said, “This is purely my own speculation. I only know that Celestial Sect’s leader is exceedingly powerful and defeated me with just one move. Their strength must be at the peak of the eighth rank. As for what level of the Skyward Stairway the Celestial Sect’s leader has reached, I’m not sure. However, since our Grand Sect Leader called him Thomas, I think he wasn’t mistaken about it.”

“He wasn’t mistaken?”

James furrowed his brows more.

The suggested identity of the Celestial Sect’s leader seemed unlikely to him.

He could consider the possibility that Thea was the leader of the Celestial Sect but was almost certain that his grandfather was not the person in question.

“With that being said, I do believe the Celestial Sect’s leader isn’t operating with malicious motives. Moreover, the sect hasn’t done anything harmful,” Jackson stated.

He had explicitly investigated Celestial Sect and was well aware of the things they had done recently.

Although they quickly took over the ancient martial world, they did not kill anyone.


James took a deep breath.

He put the matter of Celestial Sect’s leader’s identity aside for now.

His most pressing task was to deal with his upcoming battle at Mt. Thunder Pass.

He was still in the dark about his opponent’s identity and rank.

There was nothing more terrifying than going into a battle with an enemy you know nothing about.

After briefly conversing with: Jackson, James stood up and said, “Mr. Cabral, I’ll have to head to Mt. Thunder Pass before dawn and find a place to meditate for the next few days to prepare for my upcoming duel. I’ll leave the investigation of Valhalla Sect, Delilah, and Xavion in your hands.”

Jackson stood up and said, “I’ll do my best to look into them. How about letting my daughter accompany you to the Southern Plains?”

James was taken aback by the suggestion.

Jackson hurriedly explained, “Don’t worry, I don’t have ulterior motives. My daughter may not be proficient in other things, but she’s extremely well-read and is familiar with all martial art techniques that exist in the world. No matter who your opponent is, she’ll be able to identify them through the martial art techniques they use.”

“Is she really that capable?” James exclaimed in surprise.

He had seen Delainey a few times before.

From his observations, Delainey was a pretty and charismatic woman but was average when it came to martial arts.

Other than that, there was nothing special about her.


Jackson smiled and said, “Mount Thunder Sect has many martial art techniques dispersed throughout the world. Apart from some signature martial art techniques that have been lost from the martial world, Delainey has practically read everything there is to read.”

James contemplated for a while and decided that perhaps bringing a living encyclopedia of the ancient martial world with him would be a good idea.

“You make a good point. However, I’ll be traveling throughout the night, so I’m not sure if your daughter will be able…”

Jackson raised his hand to interrupt him. “There’s no such thing as a frail martial artist. Since you’ve agreed to it, I’ll notify Delainey right away to prepare to depart to the Southern Plains with you.”

“Alright.” James nodded gently.

“Do wait a bit, James. I’ll go inform her right away.”

After leaving behind a few words, he turned around and left.

James sat down again and began waiting once more.

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