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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 104

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 104

Old Master Ferguson wanted to drag Nicole’s reputation through the mud so that it would be impossible for her to continue working for Stanton Corporation.

‘He thinks I ‘ll be willing to submit to him and work as a manager in a small subsidiary under the Ferguson Corporation? This old geezer had the cheek to say this?! ‘ Nicole thought.

She sneered. “Chairman Ferguson, I can’t possibly afford to take alms from your family. You should just save it for the dogs.“

“Nicole, don’t force me to get tough with you! “ Old Master Ferguson threatened her. ‘How can this woman be so insensitive?’

The smile on Nicole’s face faded. “Chairman Ferguson, I just hope that you don’t regret it.“

Nicole was very interested to see Old Master Ferguson’s remorseful look later.

Since Old Master Ferguson was so cruel, there was no need for her to show any mercy.

After hanging up, Nicole calmly gave Grant a call. “Big Brother, when is Dad coming back?“

Grant chuckled. “What, you miss him already? His flight is scheduled for tomorrow. Don’t worry, I ‘ll get someone to pick you up tomorrow and send you home.“

“No, I wanna pick Dad up from the airport tomorrow! “

‘Didn’t they all think that I’m hiding out of shame? I ‘ll show them that I have nothing to hide!’ Nicole thought.

Grant’s voice was slightly hesitant. “But… I’m afraid that there will be disorder…“

He was worried that Nicole would get hurt again.

“Don’t worry. I’ll just get a few bodyguards and arrange a few more cars.“

“I’ll arrange it for you if that’s what you’ve decided. By the way, how’s Kai doing at your place?“

Grant was worried that Kai could not take good care of their precious sister.

Nicole laughed and unceremoniously complained. “ Kai’s such a petty bastard. He made such a mess in my apartment and complained that I didn’t clean up. His cooking is also the worst! “

Kai, who just came out to the living room with Tigger in his arms, felt aggrieved and vexed. He yelled, “You spent my $800 million in just an afternoon and still dare to call me a petty bastard?! Nicole Stanton! I’m gonna beat you up! “

With that, Kai leaped onto the sofa and rushed over to Nicole, who quickly flipped over and shouted into the phone, “Gotta go, G! I need a run! “

Grant laughed. His nervous mood was instantly relaxed. He looked at the blacked-out screen and felt relieved that his sister was stronger and braver than he thought.

Nicole dressed up to pick her father up from the airport. She put on some light makeup and wore a black dress with inlaid pearls. She looked so beautiful, elegant, and valiant.

To divert the attention of those reporters downstairs, Kai walked out from the front entrance donning his usual sunglasses and instantly managed to attract everyone’s attention.

The reporters swarmed over to him. “Kai, why are you here? Do you also live in this building?“

“Kai, is the scandal about you and Nicole true? Are you two living together?“

“Are you and Nicole really dating?“

News that Kai and Nicole were secretly living together was even more explosive than the scandal about Nicole, so the reporters persisted in asking questions.

In the meantime, Nicole left through another exit with a baseball cap and a face mask. She went straight into the car that Grant sent.

Logan came to pick her up.

When Nicole got into the car, she took off her jacket and was in the mood to fix her makeup.

“Vice President Nicole, we’re all relieved seeing that you’re fine.“

Nicole chuckled and felt somewhat touched. Although they had not worked together for long, the mutual sense of trust made them feel close to each other.

“Logan, I bought some gifts and plan to distribute them to everyone during our company’s anniversary. Everything’s stored in the merchant’s warehouse right now. I’ll give you the address later, so you can arrange how to distribute them to the staff.“

“Yes, ma’am.“ Logan thought it was just some small gifts and did not expect that these gifts totaled to $800 million.

When they arrived at the airport, Nicole got out of the car and went to the VIP arrivals to wait for Floyd Stanton, while Logan made security arrangements.

“Nikki Baby! “

Hearing the familiar voice, Nicole turned her head and saw Floyd Stanton waving at her. He was wearing a white baseball cap and beige palette casual clothes. He looked very young.

Nicole’s eyebrows moved slightly and immediately ran towards him. Floyd hugged her and spun her around a few times, laughing aloud. “My precious baby got so thin…“

She could only let out a helpless laugh and pouted. “ I’m not, Kai keeps saying that I’m fat…“

“Don’t listen to his nonsense.“ Floyd examined his baby daughter and looked very satisfied. He suddenly recalled all the recent rumors and got irritated.

“The Fergusons are a real family of scumbags! “

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