The Man Decree Chapter 2174 by desirenovel

The Man Decree Chapter 2174 -“Hahaha! I think you want to kill him a long time ago, right? This cauldron is enough to spark the killing intent in you.”

Yona laughed out loud.

“Shut up! If it wasn’t for me, Scorching Heaven Sect would have been annihilated. Since Matthew won’t be sending any more resources, then there will be no need for you to come to Alchemical Sect to look for me in case others find out! When you make a move on that fellow, make sure you do so discreetly. If others find out that Scorching Heaven Sect is still in existence, they will never let you off,” said Isaac coldly.

“Isaac, there’s no difference between these righteous sects and mine. What you are doing is adding insult to injury. However, let me tell you something. If I ask to work with any of the sects right now, they won’t turn me down. Where benefits are concerned, no one will stand by their principles, and that includes all your so-called righteous sects.”

With that, Yona spat on the ground before disappearing into a mist of dark clouds!

Once Yona left, Isaac ordered his men to carry the Divine Cauldron into the palace!

Afterward, he began to find out more about the Divine Cauldron.

The moment Jared and Matthew returned to Luminous Sect, Jared planned to bid farewell to Matthew.

He wanted to rush back to Jadeborough and bring Flaxseed and Godrick back there.

“Jared, you have offended Stormwind Sect. I’m worried that they may attack you while you are on your way there. I’ll send Archer and Skyler with you! If you really bump into anyone from Stormwind Sect, the two of them will be able to fight them off for a while. Besides, the people from Stormwind Sect won’t dare to kill them. Although we have lots of fights among the sects, no one dared to kill anyone from the other sects so easily,” said Matthew.

Initially, Jared wanted to turn his offer down. However, when Skyler heard that she would be able to go out and take a look at the outside world, she was thrilled!

“Mr. Chance, my master is being very kind. Not many of us get to go out of here!” said Skyler excitedly.

Jared found it hard to say no when he saw how excited Skyler was.

Archer was equally excited even though he did not show it on the outside!

Given his aloof character, Archer would not have shown much excitement.

Very soon, Jared, Skyler, and Archer set off on their journey back to Jadeborough.

After walkingout of the mountain ranges, they took a car to the nearest city, Quadfield. They were going to take a flight back to Jadeborough!

Skyler was extremely excited during the entire trip. She kept asking Jared about everything like a child.

Archer was equally curious, but he was trying his best to control himself.

Once they got to Quadfield, Jared told Skyler and Archer to wait for him while he went to get the flight tickets.

“Jared, why do we have to go through such trouble? Why can’t we just fly there on our own?” Archer could not help but ask.

“There are common people everywhere. If we do that, it will cause panic among the people.”

With that, Jared left to purchase the tickets.

When Jared returned, he found Skyler and Archer looking at the man who was selling candied hawthorns.

It was obvious they were very curious and wanted to have a taste of the candied hawthorns!

Jared bought the candies for them. He laughed bitterly when he saw how much the two of them enjoyed the sweets.

“Don’t any of you from Luminous Sect come out to the common world?” questioned Jared in confusion.

Even the secluded sects would need to mingle with the outside world once in a while. As long as they did not reveal their powers and cause trouble, it should be fine.

“That isn’t true. Lots of our seniors have come to the big city except for the two of us. Master never allowed us to come out!” said Skyler.

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