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The Man Decree Chapter 3232 by Thomasnovel

The Man Decree Chapter 3232-Unbelievable After a long while, the crowd gathered around Jared. Then, a middle-aged alchemist spoke. “Will you be willing to show us the Aksum Pill you’ve crafted, brat- I mean, Mr. Chance?” “Of course!” Without hesitation, Jared tossed the Aksum Pill he produced over to the middle-aged alchemist.

The middle-aged alchemist examined the Aksum Pill in detail. Meanwhile, everyone else leaned toward him, wanting to study the pill as well.

The Aksum Pill Jared manufactured was obviously of high quality, seeing how fragrant and rich in color it was. Everyone else there was also an alchemist.

Thus, they could discern the quality of the pill themselves.

“This is too perfect. I’ve never seen an Aksum Pill more flawless than this in my life before.” “To think he crafted such an impeccable Aksum Pill in only a few short minutes.

This is a miracle!” “If he already possesses this level of alchemical skills at such a young age, he’ll no doubt become a legendary alchemist in the future!” The crowd all praised Jared’s Aksum Pill. Jubilante, who had fallen to the ground earlier, hastily crawled up and dashed toward the pill, eager to scrutinize it.

Upon laying his eyes on the pill, he grimaced because he knew he had lost.

After all, not only was Jared’s Aksum Pill flawless, but it even resulted in a Spirit Cloud. Shocked, Cade stared at Jared. “I didn’t expect you to be this incredible, Mr. Chance.” He never could’ve imagined the friend Cloud brought along would be so proficient in alchemy. Even the master alchemist in Yellow Blue City, Jubilante, was no match for Jared.

At that moment, Cade’s respect for Jared grew. Jared turned to Jubilante and asked, “Who do you think is the winner in our little competition, Jubilante?” Staring at Jared, Jubilante spoke with embarrassment and shame. “You are…” “Since I’m the victor, that means this manor and all the mystical herbs now belong to me, right?” Jared smiled faintly.

Jubilante nodded. “Yes. I’ll guide you to where I keep the mystical herbs now.

After the handoff is complete, I will leave.” While Jubilante was a prideful man, he was a good sport, considering he was willing to admit defeat.

Because Jubilante had good sportsmanship, Jared changed his mind. “I’m only passing by, so I don’t have the time to tend to this manor or the mystical herbs.

You can continue to stay here and manage all this for me.” Jubilante was slightly taken aback before he understood Jared’s intention.

Gratefully, he nodded. “Thank you, Mr. Chance. I’ll do my best to protect this place for you.” “Please take me in as your disciple, Mr. Chance!” “Me, too!” “I love you, Mr. Chance! I’m willing to do anything for you, including sleeping with you!” Many alchemists kneeled before Jared, wishing the latter would take them in as disciples. A few shameless female alchemists even attempted to seduce Jared with their alluring figures.

However, Jared ignored them all and asked Jubilante to lead the way to the mystical herbs. Upon acquiring Rooster’s Crow, Jared and Cade returned to the Seizon residence.

Since Jared had all the mystical herbs he required, he started producing the pill.

Meanwhile, Cade relayed everything he had witnessed to Lawrence without embellishment.

“What? You’re not lying to me, are you? Even Jubilante was defeated by Mr.

Chance?” Lawrence was shocked.

“It’s true, Dad. Mr. Chance’s alchemical skills are unparalleled. You should’ve seen that arrogant Jubilante lowering his head before Mr. Chance!” Excitement flooded Cade’s heart when he recalled the scene at Jubilante’s manor.

“Unbelievable. To think the friend Cloud brought over here is this talented. It seems your grandfather’s illness may be cured after all.” Lawrence sighed in relief.

Curious, Cade remarked, “There’s no doubt about it! Though I wonder where Cloud befriended such a prodigious alchemist as Mr. Chance.”

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