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The Man Decree Chapter 3233 by Thomasnovel

The Man Decree Chapter 3233 -“Cade, go fetch Cloud over. I need to ask him how exactly he became acquainted with an alchemist like Mr. Chance.” Lawrence was also curious about how Cloud had come to know Jared. Cade nodded and went to find Cloud. Facing Lawrence’s series of questions, Cloud didn’t hide anything and recounted his experiences with Jared in detail.

Lawrence and Cade were astounded after listening to Jared’s various feats.

Both of them couldn’t imagine Jared, who seemed to be a mere Body Fusion Realm cultivator, was able to defeat a Tribulator.

Moreover, he even dared to offend Demon Seal Alliance and killed the head of a subbranch of Demon Seal Alliance.

“Cloud, you’re not lying, are you? If that’s the case, Mr. Chance truly is an extraordinary person.” Cade was somewhat skeptical.

After all, everything Jared had done was beyond their comprehension. “Demon Seal Alliance. He actually dared to provoke them?” Lawrence furrowed his brows.

After a moment, Lawrence said to Cloud, “Cloud, you must remember not to mention Mr. Chance’s identity to anyone. If Mr. Chance truly cures your grandpa, I’ll provide you with some resources, and you should leave this place quickly. Also, the journey to Demonia Mountain is long, and you’ll need a Teleportation Array. I can arrange for someone to send you to Crimson Imperial City, where a Teleportation Array can transport you to the southern region.” Cloud turned to Lawrence in bewilderment and asked, “Uncle Lawrence, is something going to happen to the Seizon family? I can’t shake off the feeling that you and Cade are hiding some matters from me.” “There’s nothing to worry about. The Seizon family is supreme in Yellow Blue City, so what could possibly happen? Stop overthinking. Let Cade show you around properly.” Lawrence patted Cloud’s shoulder and told Cade to bring Cloud away.

Meanwhile, after a night of refining, Jared finally finished crafting the pill for Claudius and was about to send it to Lawrence.

However, just as he stepped out the door, he saw Miya and Livya pacing at the entrance.

“Ladies, is there something I can help you with?” Jared inquired upon seeing the two.

Livya looked at Jared and expressed her gratitude, “Mr. Chance, we deliberately came to apologize to you. Also, Miya wants to thank you. We did misunderstand you before, and we hope you won’t hold it against us. It’s all thanks to the whip you provided yesterday that Miya could defeat Genya.” “Don’t mention it. Cloud and I are friends. It’s not a big deal.” Jared gave a faint smile.

Livya asked, “Mr. Chance, do you have some time, then? We would like to show you around and let you appreciate the beautiful sceneries of Yellow Blue City.” “I’m planning to meet with your father now. I’ve done refining the pill for your grandpa, and it’s ready to be consumed,” Jared replied.

“In that case, allow us to lead you there!” Livya offered enthusiastically.

Jared nodded and then followed the sisters toward Lawrence’s residence.

On the way, Livya kept up a lively conversation with Jared. On the other hand, the usually more assertive Miya was behaving like a shy girl at that moment, stealing glances at Jared without uttering a word.

Miya’s gaze toward Jared was laced with a special affection. In fact, he could sense it too but decided to feign ignorance. We’re only staying for a short period here in the Seizon residence. In just a few days, we’ll be departing for Demonia Mountain. I have no desire to entangle myself in any romantic complications during these few days. Besides, I don’t lack women. Feenix is always by my side. If I have any needs, she’s fully capable of quelling my desires.

Lawrence’s place was located at the very back of the Seizon residence, right at the edge of Yellow Blue City

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