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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 707 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 707 by desirenovel

It Was All The Same

Jared was stunned to hear Rayleigh mentioning Renee. He looked at Rayleigh in confusion and asked, “Rayleigh, how do you know about Renee? Also, how do you know that she has a frosty constituent? Has she started spiritual energy cultivation?”

Jared’s questions made Rayleigh realize that he had said too much. He accidentally revealed the matter concerning Renee.

“Please don’t ask anymore. You will find all the answers that you seek on July 15. Now, let us wait for your girlfriend to wake up,” Rayleigh answered.

He refused to continue talking about the matter. There were some things that he could not tell Jared yet.

Seeing that Rayleigh refused to tell him anything, Jared stopped asking. After all, he only had to wait for around a dozen more days until July 15 to find out everything.

Half an hour later, Josephine gradually opened her eyes, and the living room temperature quickly dropped back to normal.

Josephine was stunned to see the couch burnt. “What… What happened here? Was there a fire?”

“Yes. I accidentally caused a fire when smoking just now!” Jared did not tell Josephine the truth. He chose to lie because he feared she could not accept it.

After all, Josephine had always thought that she was an ordinary person. Therefore, she would find it hard to accept if he told her that she had a fiery constituent.

Furthermore, that was only Rayleigh guess and had not been confirmed. Thus, it was still too early to tell her.

“Josephine, you have just started learning a technique. How do you feel?” Rayleigh asked Josephine.

Josephine frowned slightly and answered, “I don’t feel much different from usual, except that my body feels warm…”

“Do you feel any swelling in your abdomen like something is in it?” Jared asked hurriedly.

If Josephine feels her elixir field and the flow of spiritual energy in her first training, she has successfully begun spiritual energy cultivation.

Josephine blushed instantly. “What are you saying? How can my abdomen be swelling? I’m not pregnant…”

Jared was rendered speechless by her answer. On the other hand, Rayleigh chuckled and said, “Jared, you are too impatient. There’s probably only one in a million people who can feel the presence of the elixir field on their first try. She should learn at her own pace.”

Suddenly, Lizbeth and Melanie noticed that Josephine had awakened and came into the living room to see her.

Lizbeth chatted with Josephine and was relieved to find that Josephine was fine. However, Lizbeth could not help but feel a little envious of her.

She believed that Rayleigh taught Josephine a technique due to her status as Jared’s girlfriend.

On the other hand, Lizbeth was a nobody. Therefore, she did not have a chance to learn cultivation techniques.

Rayleigh looked at Lizbeth and knew what she was thinking. Therefore, he said, “Lizbeth, I taught Josephine a simple technique. Later, she can teach you so that both of you can practice together.”

“I can learn it too?” Lizbeth was overjoyed.

Rayleigh smiled and said, “Of course. Once all of you have mastered that technique, I will teach you higher-level techniques. After all, you are all Jared’s women. You can help Jared once you become stronger.”

Lizbeth blushed upon hearing the word ‘Jared’s women’ and became flustered.

Meanwhile, Jared glared at Rayleigh. He knew Rayleigh said that deliberately to cause him trouble.

However, Josephine did not seem to mind or say anything.

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