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The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 711 by desirenovel

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 711 by desirenovel

A Piggyback Ride

Lyanna hailed a cab. Then, they got in and headed toward Mapleton.

There was still a long way to Mapleton. Since Mapleton was in the southwest mountain region, the taxi could only send them to the foot of the mountain. They had to continue the rest of the journey on foot. It would probably be midnight by the time they reach Mapleton.

Jared sat in the backseat with Lyanna. He noticed the taxi driver glancing behind through the rearview mirror, observing their every move.

Jared clung to Lyanna’s arm and leaned against her shoulder throughout the ride.

Suddenly, Jared leaned into Lyanna’s embrace and rubbed against her.

His hands started to move improperly.

Lyanna secretly glared at Jared, but he pretended not to notice. Instead, he continued to touch her daringly.

Suddenly, Lyanna trembled. She could feel his touch on her sensitive spot from time to time.

Lyanna gritted her teeth. She did not know whether Jared was touching her by accident or was deliberate. She felt a wave of unfamiliar sensation, causing her body to tense up. At the same time, she bit her lower lip so as not to make a sound.

Soon, Lyanna’s face became flushed, and her breathing quickened. She pushed hard against Jared, trying to stop him from moving further. No man had ever touched her this intimately. Therefore, she feared that she would lose control of herself.

The two hours car journey felt like a year to Lyanna. She nearly slumped in her seat due to the strange feeling.

Soon, the taxi arrived at the foot of the mountain. The taxi driver smiled and opened the door for her. “Ms. Lyanna, we have arrived. Congratulations on completing your mission. Poison King is waiting for you.”

Lyanna looked at the taxi driver with an astonished expression. She did not expect him to be one of Poison King’s subordinates. Thankfully, she and Jared did not behave out of character in the taxi or say anything. Otherwise, the taxi driver would have exposed their act.

Lyanna got out of the taxi and nearly fell when her legs gave way. Luckily, Jared noticed it and quickly supported her.

The taxi driver smiled upon seeing Jared’s attentive gesture. “Ms. Lyanna, your Seduction Technique is incredible. You made this man fall head over heels with you.”

Then, the taxi driver drove the taxi away.

After the taxi was gone, Lyanna quickly pushed Jared away. “You pervert. How dare you grope me in the taxi?”

Lyanna glared at Jared. Her face was still flushed from before.

Jared shrugged nonchalantly and said with a smile, “The taxi driver is one of Poison King’s subordinates. If I didn’t do that, the taxi driver would have seen through our pretense, isn’t it?”

Lyanna looked at him with an astonished expression. “You knew the taxi driver was Poison King’s subordinate since the beginning?”

“Of course. Otherwise, why would I want to touch you?” Jared smirked. “Let’s go. If we keep wasting time, we might have to spend the night in the forest.”

Lyanna wanted to start walking but her legs were still wobbly. The two-hour car journey had been a torture for her.

Jared could not resist chuckling as he looked at Lyanna. “Do you want me to give you a piggyback ride?”

“No, stay away from me.” Lyanna glared at Jared.

“Don’t forget that this is now Mapleton. There could be Poison King’s spies in the forest. Don’t blame me if someone found out that we are acting,” Jared said and headed straight toward the mountain.

Lyanna had no choice but to run to catch up with him. Then, Jared linked his arm with hers again, and they walked up the mountain like an inseparable couple.

Lyanna did not expect Jared to exercise so much caution. She did not believe Poison King would send someone to spy on his goddaughter.

It was now dark. Jared followed Lyanna’s lead up the mountain.

After passing by a valley, they reached a brightly lit area. They had reached Mapleton.

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