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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 105

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 105

In anticipation, I held my breath, and my body froze. I opened my eyes as wide as possible as I observed the unnatural ripples on the water.

Then, I heard a splash, and a pale but unfamiliar face appeared above the water, followed by another, and another. Eventually, countless faces I didn’t recognize appeared in the waters around us.

They were merpeople! They had already been hiding here before we arrived. Now, other than their faces, they had also extended their claws out of the water and positioned them toward us. An eerie light reflected in their eyes against the darkness of the cave, making them look like demons that had just climbed out of hell.

But I had to admit, they all looked beautiful and handsome, and young too. But being surrounded by them like this only brought me fear.

As they slowly closed in on our lifeboats, something caught my eye. It was the red -haired merman who had tried to snatch me away from Dicken. He sensed my presence and rose from the water, staring at me with his seductive and breathtaking eyes.

Gary had also noticed the red-haired merman’s gaze on me, so he quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me behind him. I anxiously gripped my handgun tight and remained alert of my surroundings. As a biologist, I knew that using actual firearms against wild animals was unethical. But in a life-threatening situation like this, I couldn’t care less.

Laura whipped out the most explosive rifle we had and rested its stock against her shoulder, ready to fire. At that moment, she looked completely cold and uncaring.

She made a hand signal then ordered the soldiers who were the false pirates, “Toss the pirates down there! “

‘What? That’s the reason why she brought them out here?’ I was utterly shocked.

After receiving her orders, the soldiers tossed the false pirates who were passed out and restrained into the water. They did so without hesitation like they were just taking out the garbage. Then, the merpeople swam toward the false pirates and pulled them down into the deep.

Laura then ordered the lifeboats to advance.

I couldn’t see what happened to them, and I didn’t sympathize with them either. After all, they had almost killed me. But when I thought about how they may have met their end, I started to shiver, and goosebumps rose across my skin. At the same time, I also feared how cruel and emotionless Laura was.

She had only decided to sacrifice the false pirates because they had no value to her.

‘If I become valueless to her, will I be next…’ Out of fear, I hid behind Gary.

Most of the merpeople dived into the water to snatch the false pirates. But, a small group of them still retained their pursuit of our boats, and the one in the lead was the red-haired merman! He was so fast, like he had a motor installed in him. Within the blink of an eye, he was suddenly inches away from our boat.

Laura furrowed her brows and muttered in dissatisfaction, “Why is this happening?“

Suddenly, Gary grabbed my arm, and I could feel Laura’s gaze on me. I felt unsafe.

I pretended to be calm as I looked at Gary. His brows were furrowed as he and Laura stared at each other in silent communication.

“So it’s because of her…“ Laura’s cold and unmoving voice continued, “Throw her down, Gary. We can’t let her stay. Do it!“

I was mortified.

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