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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 15

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 15

Despite being held at gunpoint, Dicken didn’t jump into the sea. Instead, he stood tall and confidently as he faced Gary. He arched his back slightly and it looked like he was preparing to attack. The whole time he kept me tucked behind him.

Dicken had already gotten into a combat position. His upper body was leaned forward and his hands were like a pair of sharp sickles, he looked like a demon that had risen from hell.

I cou1dn’t let them face off like this, it would become a disaster!

I mustered all of my courage as I popped out from behind Dicken. I extended my arms and jumped in front of Dicken then shouted, “Gary, don’t pull the trigger! “

Gary didn’t listen to me, he even undid the safety lock. He said cruelly, “Back off, Linda. This is a military operation.“

“What?“ I forced myself to remain calm. Why would the research Gary and I had done have anything to do with military operations? Gary must have been hiding something from me. There must be a scheme behind this!

“As a biologist, I won’t allow you to kill him! “

As I said that, I turned around to hug Dicken even though my height was only up to his waist. By doing this I thought I could deter Gary. He wouldn’t just let me die, would he?

I tried my best to push Dicken into the sea, but even with the boat swaying so strongly in the stormy winds I couldn’t move him even by an inch.

At that moment, Dicken seemed to understand what I was trying to do. He grabbed me and he leaned us both backward, preparing to jump into the sea. I felt like the world was spinning. Were Dicken and I really about to jump into the sea?

I didn’t have much time to think so I quickly held my breath in preparation.

Just as I took a deep breath in, I heard a muffled bang, followed by a sharp pain in my thigh. I could feel Dicken’s body shake slightly as several bullets were fired in his direction.

I spun aside onto the ground. The pain in my thigh made it difficult to move, but I didn’t care about my own injuries. I was more concerned about Dicken because I saw him get shot several times in his tail. He toppled down weakly by my side.

His wounds bled a blue liquid which quickly mixed with my blood, producing a peculiar scene.

I found it morbidly funny that no matter how tough a creature was, they were no match to the modern weapons of mankind. Humans were so selfish and cruel!

I tried to withstand the pain and slowly crawled toward Dicken who was laying in a puddle of blue. Then I gave Gary a glare.

I couldn’t believe that he didn’t care about my life at all!

Dicken bent his body and his tail entangled my legs. He looked at me with neither fear, despair, nor cruelty in his eyes, but with an expression that I did not understand. Then, Dicken slowly closed his eyes.

I felt my mind become hazy as I began losing consciousness.

Before I completely lost consciousness, I faintly heard Gary say something to me as he lifted me.

“It’s just tranquilizers, Linda. So sorry about that. If I didn’t do that, you would have been dragged into the sea by that merman.“

After being passed out for a period of time, I weakly opened my eyes as they struggled to adjust to the light.

After a while, I could finally see the other person in the room clearly. It was Gary.

I recalled everything that had happened in the storm. This research venture was nothing but a joke, a scam right from the beginning.

I glared at him coldly. I didn’t even have the energy to question him.

But Gary just sat next to me anyways, as if the incident had never happened. He looked at me with concern. “You’re finally awake. Do you feel better now?“

“I feel terrific, “ I said sarcastically. I wanted to turn away and not look at him, but then I realized that I couldn’t move at all.

There was a bandage on my thigh and my wrists and ankles were shackled to the corners of the bed!

This position was extremely embarrassing, and it wasn’t hard to guess the reason behind this. How could this pervert named Gary do this to me while I was unconscious?

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