The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 18

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 18

Even though I didn’t know what Gary’s intentions in bringing me to this facility were, I still couldn’t help but be impressed by the place.

The facility was built on a group of islands and the reservoirs were right below it. We had to take a lift down to where the reservoirs were.

If Gary wasn’t there to cause me trouble, working at such a facility wouldn’t be half bad.

“Linda, what are you spacing out for? “, said Peter as he patted me on the back when the doors of the lift opened. “Look, we’re already here.“

Peter pressed his thumb onto a fingerprint scanner and brought me into a circular research room. The glass walls separated the space within from the underwater environment outside of it. It was as if we were travelling underwater.

I felt the dampness and humidity of the seawater in the air, mixed in with the unique fragrance emitted by the merman.

“Peter, do you smell something?“

“What smell? Is it the fishy saltiness of the seawater?“

“No, it’s some sort of fragrance.“ I took another few sniffs and described it, “Can’t you smell it? The scent is pretty strong. It smells like a mix of rose and musk.“

Peter inhaled deeply but he was at a loss. “I can’t smell the scent you described, just the overpowering scent of seawater.“

I furrowed my brows and found this strange. The scent was so strong but Peter couldn’t smell it. There must have been something wrong with his sense of smell.

I followed him further into the room and saw that the walls and ceilings were all made of glass. We were surrounded by the reservoir in its exterior and schools of fish swam above me. I felt like I was in an underwater fantasy.

“Peter, this place is awesome. Please let me stay here, I really like this place.“

Peter found my words funny and said, “You are a researcher sent here by the government in the first place. You can’t escape from here even if you wanted to! “

“What exactly did Gary tell you? What exactly are Gary and I researching?“, I asked.

As I spoke, I was also looking around for the merman. Then, a shadowy mass at the top of the reservoir caught my eye. It looked like a group of dolphins.

I pointed toward the direction of the dolphins and asked, “Peter, take a look at that. What are those dolphins doing?“

“Hahahaha, something fun. Follow me, I ‘ll let you take a closer look! “

Peter brought me to a flight of stairs that reached to the top of the reservoir. I could touch the glass ceiling just by reaching my hand out towards it.

” Stop dodging the questions and just answer me.”

”Look closely, these dolphins are mating ! It isn’t mating season for dolphins yet but they’ve been at it for days. Before the merman got here, they were just fine. But after he arrived, they suddenly got into heat. Isn’t it fascinating?”

I said in surprise, ”Does this mean that the merman can communicate with dolphins? The merman can affect the behavior of dolphins !

I hypothesized. ”Does this also mean that the merman can also understand the language of dolphins? We have invented a device that can decode the language of dolphins as well! “

Peter took out a black box as if he was presenting me with treasure. ”We compared the sounds made by the dolphins with the merman’s and found that the frequencies of both sounds were very similar.”

He then adjusted some dials on the black box.

I shifted my gaze back to the reservoir. Suddenly, large schools of fish enmassed and swain toward us. Within the cloud-like mass of fish, I could spot a familiar silhouette hiding within it.

I couldn’t take my eyes away. It was the merman!

The merman’s hair was flowing in the water like seaweed being pushed by small waves. Half of his face was concealed within the shadows. I could only see his thin lips curl up into a cruel smirk and his eyes were of a deep blue color. The mass of fish seemed like they were attracted to his aura, unwilling to leave.

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