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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 53

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 53

I could no longer compel myself to calm down under Laura’s pressed questioning. I rushed to pick up the clothes quickly as if they were the incriminating pieces of evidence. I clumped them together in a ball and ran to the door.

Suddenly, Laura sounded serious, as if she was interrogating me, “Linda, where do you think you’re going?“

I couldn’t stop feeling guilty, and my back was soaking with sweat. I pushed the glass door open and lied, “Doctor Laura, I am so sorry. There’s an emergency from home. I have to go back immediately. I’ve booked an air ticket earlier today and will be leaving tonight.“

All I wanted to do was leave that place as soon as possible. So all I could do was make up some excuses. The dream I had of Dicken turning into a man was indeed absurd. A merman evolving into a human being definitely did not conform to evolution science.

But there were too many ridiculous incidences that happened to me all this while. I couldn’t help but feel numb at the thought of all that had happened. I couldn’t stay there any longer. Not even for a minute, I had to leave.

Laura raised her voice when I pushed the glass door again. Her sharp voice reached my ears, “Linda, we need you. The scientific research team is going to continue their merman research at sea. I hope you can come with us on our ship. And, of course, you have to right to reject me unless you wish to see the video of yourself on YouTube.

Laura’s last sentence felt like lightning had struck me. Dizziness filled my mind, and I almost fell from the doorsteps.

I could not say for sure what I had heard, and I didn’t want to believe what Laura said was true.

If the surveillance camera had captured my encounters in those two days, and if Laura had collected all the inappropriate videos, then…

But as a senior military officer and a famous scholar, and for Laura to eventually threaten me with these bargaining chips.

How could this be? What authority did Laura have to do these? A government researcher could now infringe my privacy?

I was mind-blown. These people were probably not even researchers at all…

I recalled what Gary had warned me about before he fainted. It was so obvious, but I didn’t understand it the last time.

As I recalled everything, I realized I had missed so many details.

All of this was premeditated!

The truth dimmed my sight. I felt so stupid, being fooled and wholly taken advantage of by them.

”Who…Who are you…really? Where are you…going? What are your…motives? ” I mumbled the words in despair.

”You’ll know someday, Linda. You are an indispensable researcher. You’re important to us, ” Laura said lightly but purposely emphasized the last few words. Those words were like a dagger stripped on me, revealing my crimes and waiting to execute. I then felt my face start to burn. It was like someone had slapped me multiple times.

For a split second, I actually thought of killing Laura. One could be so terrifying when they came to a dead end.

But I knew these were my impulses. I could never do that, and I would never do such a thing.

”All of you are despicable and mean. I’m leaving. Tonight. You can’t threaten me! ” I yelled angrily.

Laura stood behind me and said faintly, ”Linda, you’re a smart person. Perhaps you just need some time to accept it. I’ll be waiting for your return.”

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