The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 85

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 85

‘Right, don’t act without thinking. Calm down, Linda!’ I silently advised myself.

I took a deep breath and finally managed to calm myself down.

“Bang! “

Suddenly, the hull suffered another crash again and began to rock severely. I couldn’t stand firm on my feet at all. I rolled around as the hull rocked and then hit against the wall.

I reacted immediately to the hit and held the wall to support myself and not fall. I looked out from the window and saw a giant shadow swim across the ship’s bottom, causing a huge wave to surge above the sea. The vast wave was still reflecting the green fluorescence from the creature.

The thought of Dicken fighting against the monster made me chill.

Where was Dicken?

I got nervous immediately, searching for him on the roaring sea.

Suddenly, an agile and fit shadow jumped out from the sea. The long fishtail was like a sharp blade shining with black light. The tail curved as he jumped and appeared as a perfect arc on the sea. He then jumped over the giant pelican eel and slashed across its huge eyeball with his tail. He was as fast as lightning, and his tail was as sharp as a dagger.

A stream of green fluorescent liquid spurted from the eyeball of the pelican eel. It was like a water balloon being cut with its liquid oozing out.

The pain of losing an eyeball caused the pelican eel to surface in an instant. The monster stretched its body and was taller than the cabin now. The pelican eel opened wide its mouth full of sharp teeth and began to chase after Dicken, trying to bite him angrily.

This caused a huge wave to surge on the sea. The seawater flooded the cabin as the one-eyed pelican eel continued to search up and down in the ocean. However, I still couldn’t find Dicken.

I could imagine how dangerous a position Dicken was in. After all, he was not facing mere sharks he had fought before. The size of the pelican eel was many times bigger than Dicken. Dicken was not big enough to even stuff in between the pelican eel’s teeth!

I clenched my fists and made up my mind secretly.

I tried my best to smash the window in front of me with the gun. To my joy, it was smashed entirely within a short period. I positioned the gun tip out of the window, tried to hold the frame, and started to search for the other eye of the pelican eel.

May God bless me. I was hoping my experience using the tranquilizer gun before would help me in this situation.

I squinted to focus on the glowing green eye and pulled off the trigger. Then, as soon as the head of the vast pelican eel resurfaced, I fired a few shots

towards it. An AV7  was not a joke. The bullets shot out immediately and hit the monster, causing a massive splash of water above its head.

I couldn’t be sure if I shot it in the eye. But judging from the extensive struggling and rolling, I supposed the gun certainly hurt it deeply.

At that moment, I realized Dicken rose from the sea to cooperate with my shooting. He quickly grabbed one of the tentacles on the tail with his sharp webbed claw. Then, he jumped up and flipped onto the back of the enormous pelican eel, just like riding a horse. He slid to the other eye, raised his right arm, and stabbed his sharp webbed claw into the eye all at once. Dicken dug out the green eyeball directly from its orbits in the next second.

Even just looking at what was happening, I could feel the pain in my eyes.

The giant pelican eel seemed unable to withstand such severe pain. It floated to the surface and struggled, exposing the most vulnerable part of itself, the abdomen.

A rare opportunity presented itself. The most vulnerable part of the fish was the abdomen. So, I quickly raised the AK47 and aimed at its abdomen. The thrilling scene earlier made my hand shiver, but it prompted me to pull the trigger and start shooting wildly.

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