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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1442

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1442

The big bearded man reached out to push Alex away. However, Alex stood motionless at the door, and the bearded man was forced to take a few steps back instead.

The bearded man furrowed his brows. “So, it turns out it’s someone who’s learned martial arts. No wonder you dare to stand in my way. I don’t have time for you right now!”

He seemed anxious to catch up to the girl, and he stopped in his tracks for a moment before turning and leaping high into the air, intending to pass over Alex’s head. Looking at the bearded man’s skills, he was obviously extraordinary fast, light, and agile on his feet, despite his rough appearance.

It was a pity that he met Alex.

Alex was faster than him, but he didn’t reach out with his hands to grab him. Instead, Alex used his spiritual power to seize the bearded man from the air, knocking him heavily to the ground. Dealing with this kind of trash that had impure intentions towards underage girls… Alex didn’t hold back at all.

If he didn’t need to consider the consequences, the bearded man would’ve been dead already.

“What’s going on? What are you doing?”

“Hey, how can you beat up a person?! Sir, are you alright?”

The security and service staff of the hotel rushed over when they saw the commotion at the entrance.

Alex said, “This guy wanted to force himself on an underage girl. She has run out of the hotel, but he still doesn’t want to let go of her. This piece of trash, think I can’t kill you right here? Hurry up and call the police and arrest this guy. Maybe he even has a murder case on his back!”

When the service staff heard this, he immediately took out his phone to call the police.

“Are you f* cking sick in the head? Since when did I force an underage girl to sleep with me?!” the bearded man angrily defended himself,

“I saw everything,” Alex said. “I believe security also saw the girl that ran out just now, right?”

“F*cking hell… That was my daughter! I was chasing after my daughter!”

“You b*stard! My daughter ran out alone. If something happens to her, I’m going to kill you!”

“Err…” Alex was stunned.

Just then, he saw Susan coming out of the hotel, talking while she walked. “Kenneth, did you manage to catch up to your daughter? I think you’re getting real old. You can’t even keep up with a teenage girl.”

“D*mn! if this crazy idiot didn’t pop up all of a sudden, how would it be possible thatI didn’t catch her?”


Susan had just caught sight of Alex standing by Kenneth’s side.

With Susan’s testimony, Alex found that he had really misunderstood the bearded man… But, how was he supposed to know that a seventeen or eighteen year old teenage girl be so good at deceiving others? Even a master of the Third Eye like him couldn’t detect that she had been lying.

Once Alex said his piece, Susan smiled and said, “Kenneth, what are you so worried about? Your daughter is one strange girl. Who could kidnap her? It‘ll be considered great if she wasn’t the one going around kidnapping people.”

The bearded man proudly said, “True! Gotta see whose daughter she is, after all.”

He then fixed his eyes on Alex. “This is William’s son? The father is so awesome. Now, why is his son is like a fool? Even a high school student could fool you.”

Alex touched his nose, looking slightly embarrassed.

At that moment, a woman’s scream came from the front.

The moment the bearded man heard it, his face changed. “It’s Wendy!”

At that, he rushed out immediately. Alex and Susan followed after him and soon came upon the girl Alex had seen just now.

It was just that, currently, she was being strangled by a mysterious force. Her body was suspended in the air, and she was struggling non-stop.

As for Kenneth, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t help her.

Alex shook his head. “Little girl, do you know what this is called? There’s a saying that goes, ‘He who never wrongs anyone fears not the knock in the night’!

Maiko, let her down!”

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