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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1537

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1537

Teleportation circles. With a name self explanatory enough, it could teleport someone to another place within seconds, using the law of space and a formation circle as the medium. This had been built by a high-level cultivator, one that expertise specifically in the law of space.

This was an extremely valuable product within the cultivation field, a feat so incredible that the average person would never achieve.

They really didn’t expect anyone to be hiding in the Hell Fish cave at the bottom of the pond in this grave.

Dorothy asked, “I wonder where it sends you to? Could this be the exit to this grave?”

Alex shook his head. Since he was more familiar with formation circles and blueprints than Dorothy, he said, “This is a very complicated ancient talisman circle. Besides, it covers such a large area. So I really doubt it’s just used to send us outside of the grave. I think this is a long-distance teleportation circle.”

Dorothy nodded in agreement. “But I think it’s broken. It’s probably been here for a very long time, or that the space is unstable, so it didn’t have enough energy to activate. Too bad that I don’t know anything about formation circles, so I don’t have any idea on how to repair it either.”

“Huh, what’s this?” Alex then noticed something next to the doorpost.

“It looked like… A token..?”

“This is… A key!”

“The key of the teleportation circle!”

Alex then remembered that members of the blood cult were trying to find a key.

‘Could it be this one?’

He then tried it on the keyhole on the doorpost. As expected, they were a match. It fit the keyhole perfectly.

After turning the key, the top of the doorpost immediately let out a large gush of spiritual power. It was incredibly exhilarating. Moreover, it seemed to be shining a bright ray of white light.

“What? The door’s not broken?”

“Is it activated?”

Both Alex and Dorothy were shocked. They then wondered if they should enter the portal before immediately shaking the thought off and jumping away from the door.

They didn’t want to get teleported… There were quite a few people who were still in the tomb after all. If they really were to be teleported somewhere, the people in here would be doomed.

Despite this, the door only lit up for a split second. The formation was not activated fully and was extinguished right after.

It was indeed slightly broken, and it didn’t have enough energy on its own.

“This really is the key to the portal!” Alex said.

This key wasn’t what he initially assumed to be. He thought that this circle was the starlight formation circle paired with the Holy Book It would seem that the key wasn’t the one correlated to the Holy Book

‘That’s not right!’

‘I remember Darven Mikail mentioning Dad finding a pair of keys when he first came here. He didn’t even take it with him and left it aside…’

Dorothy immediately figured out his thoughts. “Are you suspecting that this is the key you’re looking for? So your father came by a second time to use it? Then this teleportation circle…”

She then knelt and observed the talismans intently.

She didn’t understand the formation circle, but she still could figure something out from the worn-off talismans.

In just a few moments, she nodded. “I think you’re right. From the worn-off talismans, I could tell that it was used not long ago! This abrasion was probably caused by the last time the portal was in use! There’d be a huge difference in the portal’s effects even if it’s one small scratch.”

Alex stored the key in his pocket. He had no power to repair the portal currently, so he decided to research hard on such formations so he could come back to fix this.

Whether William teleported out of here or not, he wanted to take the chance no matter what.

“Let’s go! If we stay here too long, your two little lovers out there would be worried sick” Dorothy said.

Alex nodded.

He then took both the barbels and the demon core out of the female Hell Fish since they could still be of use. However, as he was cutting the barbels off, a piece of jade rolled out of the fish’s mouth when he turned it to the side.


“That’s weird. Is that the Hell Fish’s tartar?” Alex froze.

Dorothy rolled her eyes and took it. “Are you mad? What do you mean tartar? This is a Memory Crystal. It’s pretty average, but I think it’s still usable.”

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