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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1590

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1590

However, she could not say that Big Brother had snuck into her room in the middle of the night. It did not matter if her reputation was ruined, but she couldn’t bear to drag down Big Brother.

Jill said, “You can’t say it, right? The evidence is conclusive. What’s there to quibble about? B*tch, you committed adultery with a foreign man and colluded with a demonic cultivator to try to topple Hygieia Valley. You should be ashamed to face those in Hygieia Valley who raised and taught you. You should be ashamed to face your ancestors. You should be ashamed to face your master. Anyone has the right to punish people like you!”

“Grandpa, there’s nothing else to be said. Use the spiritual cannon to kill them!”

Jill’s grandfather was also the grand elder of Hygieia Valley, Derrick Sinclair. He was present at the scene as well. He immediately nodded. “Alright, get the spiritual cannon!”

Alex was a little curious. ‘What was a spiritual cannon?’

Hence, he did not stop them either as he wanted to see what kind of plaything it was.

However, at this moment, a person, who was tall and slim with an elegant bearing, rushed out of Hygieia Valley and said, “I believe Shochiku wouldn’t collude with the foreign enemies and harm her fellow disciples. There must be some misunderstanding.”

The person who came over was none other than the eldest disciple of Hygieia Valley, Nanami Shochiku’s eldest senior.

When Shochiku saw from a distance that only her eldest senior in the entire Hygieia Valley spoke for her, her eyes instantly reddened, and tears started flowing from her face. “Big Brother, I really have been wronged. Third Senior accused me, saying that I…”

Luna could not bear it any longer. “What’s so embarrassing about this? What are you afraid of? Didn’t she just accuse you of seducing your Big Brother? Don’t say that you didn’t seduce him. Even if you really seduced him, so what? It depends on one’s ability whether she could hook up with him!”

Then, she took a glance at Alex and said, “Hey, beauty, you seem to have someone in your mind. I’m afraid that your hard work will be in vain.”

Alex helplessly said, “Miss Nanami and I have a professional relationship. I’m married and have a wife.”

Luna said, “So, you won’t cheat with her if you have a wife? Tell me, have you ever cheated on her?”

“If you refuse to say, that means you did. Hmph, all men in this world are the same, hypocrites!”

“Did you get dumped by a man? Is that why you have such extreme thoughts?”


Luna slapped Alex right away.

She then said coldly, “You can’t simply say whatever you want. If you dare to insult my innocence, I’ll kill you!”

Alex instantly flinched. “Alright, I’m sorry. I’ve said something wrong.”

“Now we’re talking. I’m pure, innocent, and haven’t fallen in love before!”

Alex cursed silently, ‘You’re a moody witch. Who’d dare to fall in love with you? Only lunatics would fall in love with you.’

At this moment, with a step, Shochiku’s eldest senior unexpectedly flew over.

Alex and Luna’s pupils contracted as well.

“No way, Big Brother of Hygieia Valley is too awesome, right?”

“Flying is something that Nascent Soul experts can only do!”

“Oh, it’s kinda impossible!”

The eldest disciple soon arrived before Shochiku.

Shochiku burst into tears. “Big Brother, I didn’t lie… He’s Elder Rockefeller from the Divine Constabulary. If it weren’t for him. I would’ve died.”

The eldest disciple did not seem old. He was about twenty seven or twenty eight years old. He looked over with his gentle eyes.

He nodded at Alex and looked at Shochiku’s face. “Is this reddish mark due to Third Junior’s beating?”

Alex said, “This isn’t a reddish mark, but a trace of a healed wound after the scab removal. When I met her, she was lying in the water, not breathing. Luckily, I know some medical skills.”

“Thank you!”

The eldest disciple pulled Shochiku to his side. “Don’t be afraid. Big Brother will stand up for you!”

He took Shochiku ashore. With a cold glare, he said to Jill, “Third Junior, I want to hear the truth!”

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