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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1815

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1815

The palm that was rushing toward Spencer was huge. It was entirely overwhelming. The situation had changed rapidly and took an unexpected turn.

Even for a master at Tribulation Crossing, Spencer couldn’t move a single inch as the slap came at him. He froze in place like a wooden puppet and watched as the slap landed heavily on his face.


Spencer flew through the air, hitting the wall heavily.

The wall was not damaged, as expected, but his body had been brutally smashed. He coughed out mouthfuls of blood.

The leader of the Blood Shura was unforgiving, charging over after that blow.

Spencer understood that the most challenging moment in his life had come.


“Mighty dragon of the divine blood, blood sacrifice of my honor! With my flesh and blood, I call upon the gods!”

Spencer roared, and the blood energy in him boiled. His clothes shredded to pieces, and a series of cracks appeared on his body, and fresh blood gushed out from him, forming a pool of blood under his feet. The blood that flowed out didn’t gush out without purpose, automatically forming an ancient and complicated pattern on the ground which exuded an evil and demonic nature.

This was an ancient devil array!

It was also the supreme magic of the Blood Cult!

A vague blood-colored shadow appeared above Spencer’s head, and it was huge, as tall as a hundred feet. It looked like a god or devil, and it exuded an overwhelming aura from this magical shadow. Dense blood energy filled the air, murderous intent rolling about

As for Spencer, his eyes had turned blood red, and his body had grown taller. In addition, four sharp fangs emerged from his mouth.


The leader of the Blood Shura halted, not making any other move immediately, but stared at Spencer and seemed to be lost in thought. Then, after a while, he nodded. “Blood Cult techniques, I didn’t expect you to know the secret magic that has been passed down in my tribe. It’s a pity that you’re only human and forcibly practicing the divine powers of our Shura tribe, and you

want to use it against me, it’s original! How naive you are!”

Spencer was taken aback. “What are you talking about? The divine powers of the Blood Cult are the secret magic of your Shura tribe?”

The leader of the Blood Shura laughed loudly. “You don’t believe me? Then, let me show you what the true demon arts of the Blood Cult are!”

The leader stomped his feet fiercely. “Mighty dragon of demon blood, blood sacrifice of my honor! With my flesh and blood, I call upon the devil!”

The roar and words the leader of the Blood Shura let out were almost the same as Spencer, except instead of calling upon the gods, he called upon the devil.

The Shura tribe worshiped the devils.


From the sky, a bloodied shadow descended. It was ten times taller than the one above Spencer’s head, standing at a thousand feet tall, and the head could not be seen at a glance. But, facing the demon lord that the leader of the Blood Shura had summoned, the one that Spencer had summoned was like a little disciple compared to that.

The huge pressure from the summoned demon lord made Spencer tremble.

The demon shadow above his head also trembled, and after a few seconds, it gradually faded and disappeared. Even the blood energy that leaked out from Spencer’s body weakened.


Spencer kneeled in front of the leader of the Blood Shura, and he prostrated. His heart was overwhelmed by shock and fear. He never knew that the divine powers that he cultivated and swore allegiance by a blood oath were the demon god of the Shura tribe.

This was such a big joke. However, it was too late to regret it now.

Even though he had to give up his life, the blood oath must be upheld, and this was the price to pay for power.

In the beginning, Spencer’s powers were not very strong. Forget about being a Heavenly King, even entering Flying Eagles would have been a stretch. But, later, he had gotten help from a woman and had learned the divine power of the Blood Cult from her. That had increased his strength in leaps and bounds. Then, he had broken through the ranks.

In just ten years, he had unexpectedly managed to reach Tribulation Crossing.

However, at this moment, faced with the demonic tribe that he had sworn a blood oath to, his powers had been suppressed by the overwhelming pressure he felt, and there was no way for him to resist.

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