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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1239

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1239-When Anthony was close to them, Charmine called out, “Anthony…”


Just as she was about to explain, Anthony merely walked toward Frank and said gently, ‘Thank you for taking care of Charmine over the years, Frank.” “I should be,” came Frank’s gentle reply.

Charmine frowned. Was he so angry that he had gone crazy?

She walked forward and held his hand. “I’m learning calligraphy,” she explained.

“Mmh.” Anthony looked at her calmly. “Learn well. Focus.”

Chamine was startled, but Anthony merely ruffled her hair and turned to leave.

Frank said, “Let’s continue.”

Charmine looked away.

She wanted to explain to Anthony, but she did not want Frank to wait for her either, so she continued.

Faye did not see the argument she had anticipated. She pouted.

Charmine was so close to Frank. Was Anthony not angry?

It seemed that he did not love her so much. Any man seeing his wife with another man would have gotten mad jealous. 3 Did that also mean she stood a chance?

Faye’s eyes lit up. She held onto the logs and chased after Anthony.

Nial was still stunned on the spot. He could not believe what he had just seen.

Since when did the jealous Anthony become so caring?

Guy was bitter at the sight, but he did not comment on it as he held the logs.

“Let’s go,” he said to Nial.

“Oh.” Nial left with Guy.

In the backyard…

Faye chased after Anthony and asked, “Brother Anthony, are you not angry?”

Anthony’s face was cold as usual. It was eerily cold, even.

It was as if he did not hear her as he walked into the kitchen wordlessly.

Faye did not give up. She continued to run after him. 1 When they arrived at the kitchen, Faye approached him and taught him how to make fire.

Just as she did, however, Anthony instinctively backed away, expression still fierce. “Just tell me how.” i “Oh.” Faye did not feel good, but she stood by the side and taught him nonetheless.

Anthony picked up on the skills quickly, and with that, the fire burned strongly.

His face was cold like water. When he recalled what he saw from the pavilion, he kept on adding wood to the water.



The big pot had cracked into three, and everyone was startled.

Looking at the broken pot and vigorous fire, they were all stunned for a long while and did not know what to say.

Finally, Guy instinctively picked out the pot and replaced it with a new pot.

Nial looked at the fuming fire and said, “Bro, just lash out if you’re angry!”

The pot was innocent!

Anthony looked at him blankly. He said nonchalantly, “I’m not angry. It’s my first time making fire.” Faye used this as an opportunity to flatter him, “Right! You’re doing a good job for the first time.”

Nial was speechless.

He looked up helplessly, i The days ahead would surely be hellish.

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