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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1244

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1244-Charmine did not feel good.

“Just do what I taught you yesterday, Charmine,” advised Frank. “Focus on the brush completely.” “Okay.” Charmine looked away, focused on the brush, and dipped the bristles with ink.

She tried to focus on the brush completely, merging with the brush.

Try as she might, the images of how Anthony and Faye were fooling around together haunted her so badly that she did terribly.

She managed to attract one to two butterflies yesterday, but what she had just done did nothing!

On the clean sheet of paper, only a few, terribly written words were seen on the pristine paper, and it reflected her emotions-convoluted.

Charmine looked at the words on the paper and was furious.

She could not focus at all as she kept getting distracted. 1 Faye’s laughter and Anthony’s gentle eyes. The images of the two of them.

Sensing something strange, Frank said, “Is something bothering you, Charmine?” “No,” Charmine replied. She then said, “Let me try again, Frank.”


Charmine held the brush again and tried to empty her mind, but what she wrote was lifeless and cold. Not even one butterfly was seen.

Frank wore a gentle expression. “Charmine, ask me if you have any questions.”

“I can’t focus,” confessed Charmine.

Frank smiled faintly. He walked behind her, held her brush, dipped it into the ink, and wrote on the paper.

Charmine could feel from the warmth of his palm that he was fully focused, so she slowly calmed down as well.

Just like that, about ten butterflies miraculously flew toward them.

It was as if there was a magnet on the paper that the butterflies fluttered their wings on the paper, not wanting to fly away.

Charmine centered her focus and understood. “Frank, I want to try again,” she declared.

“Okay.” Frank backed away from her.

Meanwhile, Anthony looked at her side coldly.

When he saw Frank getting close to Charmine, he clenched his hand around the brush as if he was about to break it.

Sitting beside him, Faye coaxed, “Brother Anthony, you don’t have to be too forceful. This will make the words rather harsh.”

When Anthony was brought out of his thoughts, he relaxed his arms.

“Right, that’s it. You have to be gentler,” said Faye.

“You need to get the hang of it yourself, and it takes time. No hurry; you’re doing well.” Anthony looked at her. “As well as your brother?” “Huh?”

Faye met his burning gaze and was excited. Her heart thumped so wildly as she zoned out, not processing a single word he said.


Anthony’s face turned cold. He dipped the brush in the ink and continued writing.

He did not believe that he could not attract a butterfly.

He refused to believe he was not as good as Frank!

Inside the pavilion, Charmine was fully immersed and was free from distractions.

After writing a sentence, she managed to attract about five to six butterflies.

Charmine’s lips turned into a smile. “We’ve got a few butterflies here, Frank.”

“Good.” Frank said, sounding pleased. “Continue to write, and more will come.”

“Okay.” Instantly, Charmine had forgotten about the two of them below the tree. She only thought about the competition and butterfly attracting. She wanted to get the first prize!

She grew engrossed in writing, and with an initial five to six butterflies, it grew to seven, then to eight, and it then exceeded ten.

However, this was far from enough.

She wanted to attract a kaleidoscope of butterflies to fly above the paper so that even if she continued writing, the butterflies would not fly away.

She only had ten or so butterflies, and when she continued writing, the butterflies were terrified and flew away in shock, 1 Frank seemed to have seen the butterflies on top of the paper, thus he praised, “You’re gifted. Continue to work hard, and you’ll learn it in a day or two.” “Okay.” Charmine continued to write.

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