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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1246

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1246-Frank smiled gently. “One needs to write with a clear mind and free of emotions.

Otherwise, the written words will come across as cold and lifeless.”

Anthony looked up at him. He wanted to ask him to leave him be, but Frank continued, ‘You can’t lie to me. You’re actually very angry to have seen Charmine and I working together in the past two days. You pretended as if you didn’t care while every cell in you hated the sight of us, and your every stroke shows that.” i Anthony narrowed his eyes. Frank could tell?

However, he remained calm and said nonchalantly, “You think too much.” “You don’t have to mind,” added Frank. “I have a wife, and I treat Charmine as a sister.”

Anthony halted. He looked at him intensely and went quiet for a few seconds.

‘Your wife? Where’s she?”

He had been here for two days yet saw no wife.

Did he take him as a three-year-old?

Frank’s calm eyes met his, and he had a layer of sadness in his eyes. “She passed away many years ago.”

Passed away?

Anthony looked at him and was suspicious.

“Follow me,” he beckoned.

Anthony put down his brush and walked with him deeper into the forest.

Before approaching, he could see from afar that there was a tomb below the mountain.

Frank walked before the tomb naturally and reached out precisely to caress the photo on the tomb.

Anthony looked over to see a woman smiling in the photo.

[Aimee White] were the words engraved.

Anthony frowned and turned to look at him.

Frank took up his wine and made a toast to the tomb with a gentle expression.

“She was the kindest soul on earth. When I had nothing and at my worst, she stayed by my side and never left me. She encouraged me and supported me.

She wanted to marry me even when I had nothing.”

He spoke and paused, his face seemingly more remorseful and sorrowful.

“I rejected her to give her a better life. I tried my best to study, to refine my skills, to learn. I wanted to make a name for myself. My plan was going well that I wanted to give her the biggest wedding so she’d have a good start for a good life once I succeeded. However, there was a sudden earthquake five years ago.

She died here trying to save me, and I lost my sight due to that…” 3 Frank took another mouthful of alcohol. The burning alcohol ignited his throat and heart.

His dull eyes looked afar. “Although I’ve now succeeded and got what I wanted, she’s no longer here. Ever since then, my world was left with loneliness and sadness. She died for me, and I won’t fall for anyone else in my life.” i Frank looked down and touched the flute she made him. It was as if he was caressing her face, his face softened. “A flute-a memory that lasts forever.”

Anthony initially did not believe him, but that was until he listened to him and thought of how he always looked at Charmine with his clear eyes with no impurities.

It seemed that he had misunderstood him.

Anthony opened the wine by the side and made a toast. Tm sorry.” “Anthony, I hope you’ll treat Charmine right,” advised Frank. “Life is unexpected, so you must treasure the person in front of you.”

Anthony nodded and slowly let his guard down in front of Frank. However, thinking of Charmine, his eyes were filled with a layer of complexities.

Frank was caught up with the past as he told Anthony his past, and Anthony silently drank his wine and listened.

After a long while, the two of them returned to the forest.

Charmine was practicing in the pavilion. Curious on how to attract butterflies, Nial watched by the side.

Charmine improved a lot. When she lifted the brush, more than ten butterflies made their way toward he

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