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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1249

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1249-Anthony jolted as his eyes were filled with anger.

He clenched tightly around the herb and nearly crushed them into powder.

However, when he saw Charmine looking over, he shook off his anger and pretended as if nothing was happening. 3 Faye was even more delighted at that. Anthony must have fallen for her! 2 She grew bold at his actions as she held his hand and beamed, “Brother Anthony, your hand is so beautiful.”

Unable to take it anymore, Anthony scoffed at her under his breath, “Let go.

Just tell me how to make it.” “Oh.” Faye had to let go, but when she did, she touched his hand again.

Charmine held onto the anger for the entire day, and at that point, she could no longer ignore it.

Anthony actually allowed another woman to touch his hand?

She put down the brush with a cold look on her face, marched over, and pulled Anthony up.

“Anthony, do you have to?”

Just because she was learning calligraphy from Frank and he held her hand, so Anthony had to do the same?

Anthony remained aloof as if it was a normal thing.

“What? I’m just learning how to sort out the herbs from her.”

Charmine scoffed coldly, “Can’t you see her in your arms? She’s touching your hand. Can’t you feel it?” Anthony frowned and looked at her. “Are you jealous? I don’t recall you being so narrow-minded.” ‘ Charmine was speechless.

He was using her words the other day to get back at her, huh?

Anthony said nonchalantly, “Don’t mess around. Frank is teaching you so seriously. I should be helping him to sort out some herbs.”

With that said, Anthony ignored Charmine and walked out of the forest.

Charmine watched his back, and her heart sank.

If he did mind about Frank teaching her, he could have told her.

Why did he have to make it hard for everyone?

Knowing that Anthony had left, Faye looked at Charmine and mocked,”

Someone is so shameless. She keeps hurting the man, even though he adores her. She even tries to flirt with my brother in front of him. Brother Anthony is merely learning from me, so why are you even angry? Can you think of yourself before getting angry? How shameless.”

Charmine did not like what she heard, but she ignored Faye for Frank’s sake.

Charmine minded more about Anthony’s attitude toward her!

Still, it did not help that Faye was pushing it!

Charmine looked away and glared at her coldly. “I know what you’re thinking. I’m sick of this act!”

Unfazed, Faye had a faint smile on her face as if she was winning. “So what if you know? Can’t you tell that he’s not refusing? He didn’t push me away when I was in his arms, and he didn’t refuse when I held his hand! This shows that he cares about me, but his expression falters when he sees you! Your relationship is superficial!”

Charmine’s clear eyes turned cold, and she arrogantly clapped back,” You’re not in the place to judge us. Do you truly think that you’re the reason why he didn’t mind you sticking around? Young lady, I advise you to be realistic! You need to have your boundary-don’t be a third-wheeler! Oh, I forgot to tell you. You don’t even have the right to be one! He didn’t even like the Princess from Kansas or McKenzie, so do you think he’d fall for you? If you do like him, queue behind them. I can get you a numbernumber thirty-eight!” 1 “You…!”

Infuriated, Faye’s face turned pale as she clenched on the herb tightly.” He’ll leave you one day!” she barked.

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