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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1251

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1251-Charmine?

Anthony frowned. He thought of his unsettling thought, thinking she was in pain as he opened the text.

All he saw was Frank carrying Charmine…

He stopped abruptly.

Did Charmine not resist?

She had a husband, yet she would still allow a man to embrace her?

Anthony’s eyes darkened. He clenched his phone tightly and wanted to crush it.

It seemed that Charmine did not understand his feelings…

He glared at the photo for a long while before he blacklisted the number.

He turned back to the grass, immersed himself in the night breeze, and looked at the confused night sky.

Inside the room…

Nial took out the needle from Guy and pricked it into Charmine’s arm accurately.

Charmine withstood the pain as she instinctively looked at the door.

It might have been all in her mind, but the pain was much more painful with Anthony absent.

Even her heart started aching.

Where did Anthony go?

She wanted him to stay by his side when she had a migraine.

Standing by the side, Guy’s gaze seemed conflicted as he stared at Charmine helplessly.

He would rather be the person in pain instead of watching her suffer.

30 seconds later, Nial removed the needle.

Cold sweat lathered Charmine’s forehead, but she slowly recovered as her glossy eyes looked out of the door again.

Guy took a piece of tissue to help her to wipe, but on a second thought, he placed the tissue in front of her table.

‘Thank you.”

Frank, who had always been gentle, could not help but frown. He asked,”

Charmine, how did this happen?” “Doesn’t matter, Frank,” said Charmine.

‘There’s a way to fix this now.”

Frank knew she did not want to elaborate on this, thus he did not press on the matter. “We won’t practice today, then. Have a good rest.” “Okay.”

After Frank left, Guy left the women’s room.

Nial was the only remaining man as he packed up the medical box and asked, “Where’s my brother?”

Was he not there when Charmine had her migraine?!

Charmine said, “Perhaps he’s admiring the night view outside.”

Nial was speechless.

Anthony, admiring the night view?

Why did he find the two of them acting rather strange?

Nial walked out of the room and tried to call Anthony.

His phone was turned off!

Drats! What even happened?!

The room resumed its peace, but Charmine looked out the door.

Anthony still did not show up after late night. Her heart turned cold as she finally turned off the lights to rest, i Little did she know, after the lights were off, a figure stood outside the door for a long while.

The next day…

It was still early when knocks were heard coming from the backyard.

Anthony did not sleep well. He walked out to see what it was.

He saw Faye dressed in her customized white embroidered robe with a purple hat. She seemed focused as she sat below the tree, elegantly mixing the herbs.

When she saw Anthony coming out, her eyes brightened. “Brother Anthony, you’re awake!” she beamed.

Anthony looked at the distance from there to the women’s room. He frowned.


Faye did not realize what he meant. ‘This herb is hard, and I need to mix harder.”

Anthony did not want to wake Charmine up, and thinking of how Frank needed this, he walked toward Faye slowly.

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