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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1253

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1253-Following that, Faye took out the herbs Charmine pointed out and looked innocent. “Now that she pointed it out, I now know.”

Anthony stood up and stared at her coldly. “Don’t do this again, or I won’t be as polite.” “Brother Anthony…”

Faye knew what he was referring to. She reached out to hold on to his arm, but he swung her hand away coldly just as her touch grazed him.

Anthony seemed stern. “If you’ve understood, just do as you’re told!” With that said, he turned to leave.

Faye bit her lip and seemed reluctant, and it was only when Anthony disappeared from view that she turned to look at Charmine angrily.


Wait for it!

She would cry someday!

After lunch, Yvonne helped Grandma Granger back to the room.

Grandma Granger felt the ring on her finger and thought of something. She sighed.

When Yvonne heard her sighing, she asked, “Grandma Granger, do you not like it here?” “No.” Grandma Granger was brought out of her thoughts. “I’m just worried.”

She left in a rush and did not tell Momo beforehand. Her phone ran out of battery and could not reach her. i She wondered how Momo was doing. She wondered if she was hungry, bullied, or conned… 1 “Hmm?” Yvonne raised an eyebrow. “What are you worried about?”

Grandma Granger looked at her and shook her head. “It’s nothing.” “Oh. Have a good afternoon nap, then.” “Okay.” Grandma Granger looked at her with admiration. “Thank you for taking care of me in the past two days.”

She was liking Yvonne even more.

To be honest, she was not worse than Charmine. She was a good lady.

“No worries, Grandma Granger.” Yvonne smiled and walked to her bedside, blanketing her. “Let me know if you need any help.” “Okay.”

Grandma Granger laid down, and at the thought of how Momo was bullied when she was not around, she grew anxious.

After lying for ten minutes, she sighed heavily and sat up from the bed.

“Ms. Yvonne, are you asleep?” “Not yet.” Yvonne walked up to her. “What’s wrong, Grandma Granger?” “Nothing. It feels stuffy here.”

Yvonne thought about it and said, “I heard from Frank that the view in the mountain is beautiful. Shall I walk out with you?”

Grandma Granger thought about it and nodded. “Okay.”

Yvonne instantly helped her up like a good granddaughter-in-law.

“Grandma Granger, just call me Yvonne. You’re too formal.” “Hmm, okay.”

Grandma Granger looked at her and thought of something.” Yvonne, go and ask Guy to come with us up the mountain,” she said.

Since Charmine did not like Guy, it would be fine to help Yvonne and Guy get together, i This woman was nice and respectful unlike Charmine, who only knew how to agitate her and harm Guy!

“Okay.” Yvonne helped her out of the room and sat her down on the bamboo chair outside. “Wait for me here,” she said, “and I’ll go to look for Guy.” “Go on.”

Yvonne turned to the men’s room and went in without knocking.

Guy was sitting in front of the desk with his phone at hand. The screen showed… 1 When he saw Yvonne walking over, he panicked.

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