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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1256

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1256-Charmine knew she was the only other person left in the forest, and she could not let Frank catch a cold. That would worsen his eye pain.

“Wait for me, Frank,” assured Charmine, “I’ll get you some clothes.” “You don’t have to, Charmine,’’ Frank refused.

“Wait for Faye to come back. Don’t mind me,” insisted Charmine and left.


Faye and Anthony walked out of the living room.

Anthony felt the chills when Faye ran up to him abruptly and cried out,” Brother Anthony, it’s Charmine! She…”

Thinking it was her migraine, he did not bother asking as he sprinted.

When he went back to the forest, Faye told him, “Brother Anthony, Charmine followed Brother to the back secretly. I wonder what they’re doing.”

He looked at the pavilion, and the two of them were not around. His wariness grew as he went to the backyard with Faye to find out what Charmine was doing.

When they got to the backyard, he saw Charmine bringing clothes into the shower room.

His expression grew stormy in an instant, fierce like a wolf at night with bloodycold eyes.

Faye was satisfied with his expression as she continued rubbing it in, “See, Brother Anthony? I didn’t lie to you. I saw Charmine helping Brother to prepare water, and now she’s bringing clothes inside. I know men and women can’t get too close. She knows you like her, so she flirts with other men behind your back.”

Faye coquettishly added, “Thinking about it, though, my brother is so amazing that any woman would fall for her. They’ve spent quite some time together… BBrother Anthony?”

Anthony had already made his way toward the shower room mid-sentence.

Faye felt utterly gratified as she ran after him quickly.

If Anthony saw Charmine and Frank inside the shower room, he would be angry and furious!

She followed inside quickly, waiting for a drama to unfold.

Little did she expect…

With a burning gaze, Anthony opened the door abruptly.

He saw Charmine wearing an eye mask, feeling for the hanger to pick it up and hanging the clothes on it.

Frank, on the other hand, was behind the hanger, and the two of them kept their distance. Nobody saw anyone.

Anthony paused and was no longer as angry.

Faye’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

She… She… She…

Why did she put on an eye mask? Had her plan gone down the drain that fast?!

Charmine heard noises coming from the door and instantly felt the chills. It was balefully cold.

She removed her eye mask instinctively. When she saw the two in front of her, it was as if she had anticipated it and not too shocked at that. “Why are you two here?” she asked calmly.

Anthony glared at Charmine. “Shouldn’t I be asking you instead? What are you doing here?” “Frank forgot to get his clothes. He couldn’t see, so I brought them for him,” Charmine explained.

Anthony’s fierce disposition vanished in an instant, much to Faye’s shock.

Charmine removed her mask and explained so calmly, and it was not what she expected at all!

Charmine seemed to have sensed her shock and glanced at Faye coldly, smirking.

‘Is that all you’ve got?’ she seemed to convey. ‘You’d sell out your brother like this?’ Faye was startled. What did she mean? Did she see through her plan? 1 Charmine was no longer interested in her as she made her way out, but her hand swung against the hanger and got scratched in the process.

“Argh!” she moaned out in pain as she held her hand, grimacing.

Anthony jolted as he rushed forward. “Where are you hurt?” “My hand. It’s so painful…” Charmine frowned. She seemed to be in pain.

Anthony carried her into his arms without hesitation as he walked into the room.

Charmine leaned into his arms, and when they walked past Faye, her clear eyes glared at her as her red lips mouthed a word.

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