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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1258

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1258-Anthony merely said, “Get some rest.”

With that, he turned and left, much to Charmine’s bewilderment.

He had changed. This was not the same Anthony she knew!

Charmine felt so dejected that she did not want to eat.

Both Guy and Frank came and asked her to eat. Only Anthony did not.

She sat on the bamboo chair as she read, though distracted as she kept looking at the door.

She looked away furiously when Anthony remained absent.

At the dining table…

Frank looked at Faye. “Faye, bring some dishes to Charmine.” “Me?” Faye pointed a finger at herself.

Why did she have to bring dishes for her? How she wanted her to starve to death!

“Take more broccoli and carrots,” Frank simply added, “she likes them.”

Faye did not move; she continued to eat.

“Brother, didn’t she say she didn’t want to eat?” “She didn’t mean that,” clipped Frank. “Go.”

Faye bit her lip. Since everyone was around, she had no choice but to take a bowl and fill it with food before she walked to the backyard.

When she arrived at Charmine’s room, she went in without knocking.

Charmine was reading by the bed. When she saw Faye coming in, she thought of what she had done, and her eyes turned cold. “Go away!”

Faye played deaf as she smashed the bowl against the table, causing it to shatter and scattering the rice and vegetables everywhere!

Faye crossed her hands at her chest and mocked, “What a spoiled princess! Do you truly think you’re one? Who needs to grovel to you anyway?”

Charmine closed the book emotionlessly, casting her clear eyes upward.” Are you here to fight me?” “So what if I am?” Faye scoffed. “Do you think you’re better than us? You called me low-leveled, but what you did was just as bad!”

“Oh,” said Charmine nonchalantly. “Didn’t you see how much Brother Anthony cared about me? I was heard and he instantly carried me away. He dropped you then and there. You lost, my darling.” “Ahaha!” Faye laughed. “You’re not even eating. If he truly cares, why didn’t he come and talk you out?” “Good question.”

Charmine flipped her hair and said arrogantly, “Anthony always listens to me if I don’t want to do a certain thing. I don’t want to eat, so there’s no point asking me to.” “You…!”

Faye turned pale in fury.

Charmine picked up the book again, “Before I get angry, get out.” Of course, Faye did not want to back out. She stood on the spot and glared at her back.

What a shameless woman! So arrogant!

Why was everyone spoiling her? Was it just because she looked good?

Faye would ruin her face-she wanted to see if she could keep up the bossy act afterward!

Faye’s figure grew sinister as she picked up a shard of the smashed bowl and inched toward her when…

Charmine turned around and caught her by her wrist before she could get close enough!

With her other hand, Charmine precisely pricked a needle into Faye’s neck!

Charmine glared at her changing expression calmly. “Darling, I did tell you that you can’t fight me.”

Faye felt the pain on her neck. She jolted and her body dared not to move.

She was so terrified that her face turned pale. “What did you do to me?”

Charmine said calmly, “Nothing; just shutting down that mouth of yours.”

“What!?” Faye’s eyes widened, but as she was about to speak, footsteps were heard coming from outside.

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