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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1262

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1262-Outside the cave, ten pairs of cold, glowing wolf eyes glared at them as if they caught the scent of humans.

Frank slowly took her backward.

His senses were strong enough that he managed to hide behind a boulder.

Charmine, however, was unable to see and accidentally kicked against something as she got to the boulder, causing a sound.

A moment later, the wolves outside made a few exchanges and rushed toward them.

As she pursed her lips and tried to come up with a plan, Charmine reached out for something. When she found a stick, she let go of Frank and walked out without hesitation.


Frank’s expression changed as he tried to reach out to her, but…


He fainted on the ground.

As Charmine was ahead, she did not know what it was and thought Frank knocked against something. “Keep low, Frank!” she urged him.

Under the dim moonlight, she held onto the stick and emitted an ominous air as her hair fluttered with the breeze. She stalked out like a deadly assassin who revealed herself in a movie-fierce yet cool.

Seemingly threatened by her presence, the wolves dared not approach but circled her instead as they eyed her sharply with fierce eyes.

Charmine looked at the pack of wolves that cornered her, and her lips curled up coldly.

With that, she used up all of her energy, lifted the stick, and brought it down heavily upon the wolf before her. It fell to the ground before it could even howl.

The remaining wolves opened their bloody mouths and launched at her.

Charmine gritted her teeth as she evaded their lunges and attacks, using up her remaining strength to land blows upon them.

In order to keep Frank hidden, she slowly lured the wolves out to the entrance of the cave.

A wolf tried to bite at her face, but Charmine used the stick to smack its fangs away!

The other wolf by her leg tried to bite her feet, but she lifted her leg and crushed its neck forcefully. It was only when it howled one last time and stopped breathing that Charmine lifted her feet from it to kick another wolf coming her way. i With a powerful kick, it cried out and fell to the ground.

Charmine managed to deal with the four wolves quickly and accurately. The remaining three glared at her coldly.

She smiled and raised her stick, but before she swung it, the three wolves cried out and ran out of the cave.

Tensely, Charmine stood still as she watched them disappear into the night.

As she dropped the stick listlessly, she bent and placed her hands on her knees.

Her fingers were even shaking. She heaved for a moment before she took out the lighter and looked around.


No reply. Silence.


Uneasy, Charmine quickly ran toward the boulder inside the cave, only to find Frank passed out on the ground with a patch of blood on his lips and face.

She knelt and noticed his snow-like pale complexion. She opened his eyes and saw that he seemed to have panicked.

Charmine’s heart tightened. What happened?

She thought he merely fainted, but he even spat out blood. This was way more serious than she thought!

Faye was such an idiot! She even disregarded her brother’s health just to be petty and cause misunderstandings! i Charmine kept the lighter and lifted him.

As she placed her hand around his waist and the other on his shoulder, she carried him up and placed him on her back, squeezing every last bit of energy she had to drag him away.

As they neared the cave’s entrance, she thought of the metal door and picked up the stick. She struggled to walk to the metal door before she placed Frank down.

Charmine’s eyes were viciously cold as her baneful figure banged against the door harshly with the stick.

Once, twice, thrice. Each bang was fueled with anger and rage.

Haunted by Frank’s unsafe state, she gritted her teeth and smashed down…

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