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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1264

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1264-Crash!

The metal door was smashed open.

Charmine tossed the stick aside and helped Frank up to leave. She continued walking as she heaved, “Hold on a little more, Frank. We’re almost there. You’ll be fine.”

In the bamboo house.

Anthony had not seen Charmine the whole afternoon, and his worry only grew as the sky darkened.

He tried to call her…only to hear her phone ringing in the bedroom. 1 She left without her phone!

Anthony frowned. It was already so late, so where did she go?

Also, Frank was not even home.

Knowing what plagued his mind, Faye ran to him and said, “Brother Anthony, are you looking for Charmine?”

Anthony glared at her coldly. He walked past her and went out, but the unrelenting Faye caught up to him and added, “You don’t have to keep looking.

Brother went out with Charmine.”

Anthony stopped dead in his tracks as he turned and looked into her eyes.”

What did you say?” “Frank and Charmine went out in the afternoon,” clarified Faye. “I don’t know where they’ve been.”

Anthony squinted…

She went out with Frank?

“Don’t worry, Brother Anthony. Perhaps Charmine wasn’t in a good mood, and that’s why Brother brought her to walk it out,” coaxed Faye. “Perhaps they’re enjoying their time and found a place to stay for the night.” 1 Anthony’s hands clenched into fists tightly, unable to shake off the images of Frank walking with Charmine in his mind. 1 Yes, what he did last night did hurt her, but she did not have to go out with Frank to piss him off. 1 They did not even come back after dark!

Anthony’s eyes grew cold dark, filled with rage as he lifted his fists and smashed into the tall bamboo, causing the tree to shake as a dent was formed.

That startled Faye.

She panted and, looking at his glowering expression, pretended to comfort him, “Brother Anthony, you’re overthinking it. Charmine was wronged by so many people last night, and she’s probably not in a good mood. Frank spoils her, and it makes sense for him to bring her out for a few days.” “Shut up!” Anthony glared at her. “Out!”

Faye bit her lip and dared not to trigger him anymore. She turned and left, leaving Anthony where he stood with fierce eyes that peered into the horizon.

He debated on asking Luke to pinpoint Charmine’s location, and if they found out she was in the same room as Frank…

His heart palpitated wildly at the thought.

No! Impossible!

Charmine merely felt wronged for what happened last night. She merely wanted to walk it out.

Anthony reassured himself, but as he turned, he heard footsteps coming his way.

He frowned and looked over.

Under the moonlight… Was that not Charmine with Frank holding onto her?

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