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Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1267

Warning: My Mommy Is A Savage By Seeking A Peaceful Chapter 1267-Resting in Anthony’s arms, Charmine enjoyed the night breeze as she looked up at the sky.

Anthony asked, “What are you going to do about Frank?”

Charmine thought of this matter and felt depressed. “Frank doesn’t want to get treated…”

She was helpless.

This illness could be cured, but Frank did not want to be cured. There was nothing she could do.

All she knew was that he must not continue to suffer.

Anthony hugged her and looked at the night sky, saying, “Think of something else to talk him out of it.” “Yeah.” The two of them fell silent for a long while. Suddenly, Charmine thought of something, her eyes sparkling. “Anthony, I have an idea.” “Hmm? Tell me.”

‘William’s mother is a brain tumor specialist, and Frank will have a hundredpercent rate of recovery if we’re to invite her to treat him.”

Anthony’s eyes narrowed.


Charmine noticed the shift in his gaze and knew what plagued him. She said, “If you mind, you may be the one inviting her over. I won’t come close to William at all.”

Anthony halted for a few seconds before he nodded.

That was not his concern, however. It was…whether William’s mother would agree to their invitation.

Seeing him nodding at her suggestion, Charmine felt more relieved.

As long as there was a treatment plan, she would be able to convince Frank to make him agree.

The two of them stayed on the field to enjoy the breeze for a while longer. As it grew late, they went back to the bamboo forest.

After walking Charmine back to the women’s room, he went back to his men’s room.

Anthony stopped as he just got to the door, however. He turned and walked to a tree not far away, sitting beneath its branches.

He took out his phone and made a phone call, and it was not long until it was answered as an elegant lady’s voice was heard.

“Hello.” “Mrs. Peterson, I’m Anthony Bailey,” he introduced himself.

He had to be on his best behavior as he was asking for a favor.

“A friend of mine has a brain tumor. I’d like to invite you to Burlington to treat him.” “Anthony Bailey?” Jenny raised her eyebrows. “Which friend of yours? Mr.

Bailey made the phone call himself.”

Anthony pursed his lips and said, “Charmine’s senior, Frank.” “Oh?”



Jenny did not hesitate to turn him down, “I’d probably agree had it been anyone else, but if it has anything to do with Charmine, that’s not happening.” 1 Seeing that she was about to hang up, Anthony said, “Mrs. Peterson, you may request anything if you agree to come.”

Jenny was going to turn him down but thinking of the experiment at hand, she reiterated coldly, “Any request?” “As long as I can make it,” added Anthony.

Jenny smiled. “If you want my help, it’s not impossible. You’ll have to give me your brain to experiment on. The side effects include paralysis, loss of memory, or getting into a vegetative state.” 5 She was in need of a genius to experiment on, and he inserted himself just when she needed it the most.

Anthony was startled.

Paralysis? Loss of memory? Vegetative state?

He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Is there anything else apart from this?” “No. I don’t lack anything but a genius, and you happened to be one!” said Jenny. “You don’t have to answer me right away. I can give you three days to consider. Once you’ve made up your mind, call me.” With that, she hung up.

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